About Amy

Just in case you don’t  know anything about me. . . I am married to the love of my life – that is no joke –  and I have two precious and very fiesty little girls (ages 5 and 3).  I am a Nashville girl, born and raised.  I am the oldest of three girls and every bit the first born child!  My mother says that my children act much like I did as a child – scary thing!  But she thinks that is great payback for the “rowdy” days of my preschool years! 

 I am so grateful to my hubbie for the blessing of staying home with my children.  Although they say I am not a “stay at home mom” because we are always going somewhere.  I am the Coordinator for a local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group, Just Say No Program Coordinator and a consultant in prevention education for our Safe and Drug Free Schools Department.  And now I have added “blogger” to my list of things I do! 

 We have been living in an apartment for the past five months which has been an adventure to say the least.  I will be thrilled to move into our house (which we are building – another HUGE blessing) sometime in July!  I love to cook, love ice cream, love the color hot pink and absolutely love to talk!  Though I am working on listening more because I realize that God gave me two ears and only one mouth.  Everything I do, I do fast.  I talk fast, eat fast, walk fast and drive fast.  

I love my husband.  I love my children.  I love my friends.  And I love the journey I am on with God.  He is teaching me so much and I look forward to sharing parts of my life with you on my blog.  I also look forward to sharing with you what God is teaching me. . . because everytime I learn something I am wanting to tell someone about it.  This will be GREAT for me!   


3 Responses to “About Amy”

  1. Karen Robinson Says:

    This is my first adventure into blogging. I feel very hip doing this…however, I realize in using that word, “hip”, probably just made me “non-hip”, if you know what I mean… I just read this to Steve and he agreed…kind of dated myself. But, hey, I am submitting my first comment to a blog and I think that is pretty “hip”, to use an old person terminology.

    Your site is great. I loved reading everything. Fun!

    Love you,

  2. Karen Robinson Says:

    PS. I don’t know if this is working…I clicked on submit comment and it came by saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” I have no idea what that means..going to hit submit again.

  3. Steve Robinson Says:

    Ames … I laughed out loud when I read “About Amy” and how you ” … talk fast, eat fast, walk fast, and drive fast” – amen to all that ! I’m so proud of you Babe. Your ole sure Dad loves you alot.

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