You Could Win this Artwork


Look at this incredible piece of artwork.  This is a 16×20 mixed media on canvas. Media used includes acrylic paint, paper, ink, charcoals and a medium matte glaze.  This piece of art is being raffled to help raise money for Tracy and Clay, who are adopting a baby from Ethiopia.   For a $10 donation, you get your name entered in the drawing one time.  The more you donate, the better your chance to win.  The drawing will be held on December 22nd.  For more information and to donate to enter the drawing, click here.

The coolest part of this is that the artwork was made by my friend and artist, Laura Kelley.  Laura and her husband are also adopting from Ethiopia.  Laura is incredibly talented and does some amazing work.  The proceeds from anything ordered from Laura will go toward their adoption.  Click here to see her blog and find an array of magnificent and creative art pieces.

I love that these two families are adopting children from Ethiopia.  They both have biological children of their own, but feel that God is calling them to adopt the orphans of the world.  Wow!  I am blessed to know them both.  Be sure you check out Tracy’s blog to enter the raffle drawing and check out Laura’s blog to see all she can make (even for you)!

Here are some more pictures of this piece of artwork (that you will also see on Tracy’s blog).






5 Responses to “You Could Win this Artwork”

  1. Heather Says:

    OH my gosh, I love this piece!!! It looks so great!! If I didn’t win, do think she could make something very similar to this? It would look great in my bonus room, I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Also thanks, for your kind words the other day on my blog, you are such a sweetheart, thanks for taking the time to leave the comment!!

  2. tracycornett Says:

    yes she could contact Laura via her blog above!

  3. montee Says:

    This is beautiful!

  4. lafrost08 Says:

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    Love to hear your heart on this on your blog or email me at

  5. heather34 Says:

    Amy, you still out there?? 🙂 Miss your posts!

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