What? No Bow??


Okay. . . here is what came barreling down the steps this morning all dressed and apparently ready to go.  Ava Jane had this new outfit complete with headband, a first for her.  So, I hear her jump out of her bed and move around a little bit upstairs.  After a few minutes she emerges before me already dressed and she announces that she has fixed her own hair today.  Don’t you love it?


Sweet muffin.  She had no idea how to wear a headband.  I kinda like the punk rocker look, except that it doesn’t really blend well with the cute scottie dogs!  She was so excited to get to wear the headband.  She wasn’t so sure about it when I fixed her hair. . . so we compromised a little as to how it should “look” and this was the end result.


Better.  Not great, but better than the “just out of bed fixed my own hair in a headband” look!  And she could not wait to show her friends at school today.  I hope they were encouraging of her new look.  Personally, I prefer BIG, HUGE hair bows in this girl’s hair.  But the scottie dog headband made her happy, so I let the bow slide (but just for today)!


2 Responses to “What? No Bow??”

  1. tracybrothers Says:

    Love it! I see Charlie all over that!

  2. Kathy Moore Says:

    Mackenzie’s favorite hair accessory is a headband too – just imagine all that hair and all those wild curls in a headband!

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