Weekend Wrap Up

Addison on “MisMatch” Day at school.

Ava Jane on Farmer Day at school.

These are not our Halloween pictures. . . but dress up days that both the girls had at school over the past week or so.  I just thought they looked cute.  And yes, farmers DO wear hairbows!  And yes, Addison actually went along with looking so mismatched on this dress up day.  I was shocked. . . but since she missed pajama day earlier in the week (thanks to her brilliant mom) she really wanted to take part in the dress up days.

On Friday, Addison’s class had their fall harvest party.  Since I am the Room Mom (aka – in charge of all things fun for her class!!  woo hoo!) I had lots to do to get ready for the afternoon.  We had games, crafts, and lots of yummy food for the little ones.  We had a great turnout of parents to help and the kids had a blast.  Here are a couple of pictures. . .

It was a fun day for all.  Friday night we went trick or treating in our own neighborhood.  This is really the first time we have lived in a neighborhood full of kids.  It really was fun for the girls.  Now, let me say that Halloween is not my favorite holiday.  We didn’t celebrate it in my house growing up AT ALL.  I don’t like all the scary, gross evil stuff that comes with the day.  That being said, we don’t make a big deal of it in our house.  We just don’t really talk about it.  But as time got closer and the kids realized it was Halloween, they began asking what they could be.  We have oodles of dress up clothes, so I told them to take their pick. . .  any princess would do – we have all the outfits!  Ava Jane chose to be Tinkerbell and Addison wanted to be an artist (which is her profession of choice right now as a kindergartner).  Easy enough.  We painted up an old shirt and had a palette and paintbrush.  I did find Addison a hat at a party store going out of business, so I bought it for $2.  And here we have our Picasso and Tinkerbell.

And here they are together. . .

Yes. . . they do have on lipstick.  They thought it would be fun and so I let them leave the house with bright lips for the night.  It didn’t last long, Ava Jane said it tasted good and proceeded to lick it all off.  What I did love about the night was that we had a great opportunity to meet so many of our neighbors.  We introduced ourselves and the kids, and I loved that!  We are so excited about our new neighborhood full of families and kids.  The girls decided that they wanted to give out candy too, so we came home and they stood on the porch and yelled “Free Candy. . . We have Free Candy!”  Okay. . . so this isn’t exactly what you do on Halloween, but there aren’t many houses near us just yet, so our trick or treaters were limited in number.  They wanted to be sure that people saw us.  🙂  It was cute.

After too much candy, they finally went to bed.  On Saturday, Rick took us to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  What a yummy morning treat.  I went to a church Bazaar and found that most of what was there was more crafty than my taste, then headed to Target to look for some good “fall” deals. . . not much there but tons of candy on sale – and we DID NOT NEED any more candy.  Saturday afternoon we went to a fun fall celebration at the home of a dear friend’s parents.  It was fun to catch up with long time friends and enjoy watching the kids play together.  There was a spread of soups and other yummy goodies.  Perfect fall foods!  We made our way home and got everyone bathed and ready for bed.  We were planning an early bedtime since we had such a busy day, but then realized it was daylight savings time, and decided to push off bedtime a little.  We all crashed pretty early, even with the time change.

The sun came up early on Sunday morning, so we didn’t have to wake the girls up like we normally do.  We enjoyed church together and then came home for the rest of a beautiful day!  Even with the extra sleep, both the girls took a nap on Sunday afternoon.  Yippee!  I managed to do laundry and go through the piles of junk on my kitchen counter.  Such fun!  We had a birthday party that afternoon and it was a wild time!  Lizards and snakes and other reptiles.  And BOTH of my girls loved it and opted to pet the scaley creatures.  Yikes!  We came home and enjoyed a healthy dinner of cereal.  YUM!  Then watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  We love to watch that together on Sunday nights.   It is probably the only night of the week we have the tv on during family time.

So, here we are at the start of another week.  It is suppose to be beautiful outside this week and the kids are out of school tomorrow for the election.  Which reminds me. . . I voted early last week.  Ava Jane was with me and as we walked into the building, she asked me what it meant to vote.  I tried to explain that we were choosing the people that would be in charge of our city, state and country.  She asked if I knew any of the people and I could only say that I knew one of the ladies that I was voting for (in the local election).  So, we are standing in line.  There is a young lady (maybe 19 or 20) in front of me.  She has a cute hot pink purse and her hair is blond on top, black underneath.  Ava Jane is fascinated with her purse and hair.  A few minutes go by and Ava Jane looks at me and points at the lady and says (very matter of factly), “Mom, I vote for her!”  I laughed out loud.  It was too cute and very funny.  I explained that she was not up for election, but made sure to let her know that Ava Jane was choosing her in the election.  She thought it was cute too.

Sadly, I think many Americans are taking that same approach to who they are voting for in this election.  They are hearing something or seeing one or two things they like and basing their decision on that, instead of looking at the candidates for who they are and what they stand for.  I voted for McCain.  He is not my favorite, and not who I voted for in the primary. . . but he is PRO-LIFE and that is HUGE for me as a Christian.  I am a little fearful of what the outcome of this election may be.  But the good news for all is that God is still on His Throne and is in control.  Regardless of who is elected and what happens, my faith is in Jesus, not in our president.  Now, GO VOTE!!


5 Responses to “Weekend Wrap Up”

  1. Katie Says:

    Ok, Ava Jane’s comment about voting for the hot pink purse lady- cracks me up! I laughed out loud so hard because I could just see her saying that.
    The pictures are SO cute- love them & their little red lips! 🙂

  2. heather34 Says:

    I love seeing pics of your girls , they are so cute!! How is the house coming along?? Whoever wins this election I am so glad that God is in control!
    I love the comment too about what Ava Jane said in line waiting to vote! Too funny. !!!

  3. Mandy LeMay Says:

    The girls look precious as always! I absolutely love the artsy costume, clever idea. And I love your hair!! New dew! I miss seeing you friend-
    Was that Krispy Kremes on the kids plates? I saw those on a commercial and thought they were too cute- anyway, it looks like fun being in the classroom- that will be me next year! I need to take good notes from ya.
    I totally agree on your voting opinion, it frightens me some, but God will certainly be there in whatever the outcome is. He knows what’s going on… we just have to keep trusting Him. 🙂

  4. Missy Says:

    Hi Amy!

    Great to see new pics of your little ladies!! They looked just precious on Halloween. You are very creative : )

    Just wanted to let you know that I have changed blogs. If you click on my name it should take you to the new one.

    Have a great week!!!

  5. Jessica Says:

    The girls looked cute in their halloween costumes!! and the School Halloween Party reminded me of when i was in elementary school!! The good ole days ahah …. by the way who is Addisons Teacher?

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