Working Mom

Wow!  This school year is so busy for me.  Why?  Well, being a Room Mom for a kindergarten class can be hard work!  🙂  We just had our first annual school carnival on Saturday. . . which meant choosing a game for our class, getting volunteers to work the game, choosing an auction basket theme and then getting items from parents (or money to shop with) and getting everything for the basket, wrapping the basket and then showing up on Saturday and spending some more money on tickets for games, etc.  WHEW!  I am wiped out!

Not to mention that I am “working outside the home” this week.  I have to qualify the word “working” since I know that I work every day, with no monetary pay!  But this week I have gone back to my old roots of drug/alcohol prevention work.  I have spent time at a middle school with the 8th graders (and 7th graders for the next two days) doing an alcohol prevention program.  Again, hard work.  I forgot what it is like to literally stand on my feet ALL day long and TALK for 6 straight hours.  I am pooped!  Not to mention that trying to convince 8th graders that it really ISN’T cool to drink is a HARD task.  And I also feel a little out of the loop.  It has been six years since I have done this type of work.  Well, sort of. . . let’s see. . . for the past six years (since I have had Addison) I have continued to work with Just Say No (by coordinating events throughout the year and working with the school sponsors), and continued my in-service trainings for teachers on bullying and mean girls.  I love that stuff. . . but I am mostly working with adults.

This week I am IN the classroom working with the kids.  And I am CLEARLY out of touch.  I’m not even remotely cool.  I don’t know what they are watching, listening to, or doing in their spare time.  I am a mom, for goodness sake.  And apparently I look like a mom and act like a mom, unlike my cool self BK (before kids)!  I have decided that working outside the home with little ones is HARD WORK.  Not just physically, but also mentally and even emotionally.  Someone else is taking Ava Jane to ballet tomorrow and someone else was here yesterday when Addison left for school.  I didn’t even fix anyone’s hair for the past two days.  That is hard for this mommy.  I like doing those things.  And I am blessed to be able to do those things.  Both of my angels were sleeping this morning when I left and I was sad not to be the one to greet them when they woke up and smell their funky morning breath, that I have really come to love!  🙂  I didn’t get to pray with them before our day started like we do every morning.  I prayed for them as I drove to “work” but it wasn’t the same.  I realize how blessed I am to be able to be at home with my children.  I love that job!  I can’t wait for Friday when I GET TO CLEAN MY HOUSE!!  I have never really been too excited about that, but this week I am! And I am looking forward to playing barbies and coloring too.  It’s funny how something small, like working for four days can help you put things into perspective!  I am glad that my primary job is to be home with my kids.  And you working moms, WOW!  You amaze me.  I don’t know how you do it!

What about you?  Are you a stay-at-home mom?  Do you do any type of work from home?  Do you work outside the home?  What do you like about your job – whatever job that may be?


2 Responses to “Working Mom”

  1. Susan J Says:

    Not an answer to your questions but a bit about how uncool I am. On Sunday morning, I was getting ready for church, put on my Ralph Lauren blouse (which I thought was ok), and tucked it in. Anna (who is 5) says, “Mommy, that looks like Daddy’s shirt.” To which I replied, “no honey it is mine.” She then said, “why do you have it tucked in? That looks like a boy.” So I proceeded to untuck my shirt at which she replied, “yes Mom that’s more better.” And so I left it that way. Really pitiful when your 5 year old is more fashionable than you, but oh well. I’m just glad she can help me out. Feel more blessed than ever that I can stay at home. Think we need to pray more than ever for and reach out to those with financial difficulties as it is putting a terrible strain on marriages and on lives (both of which we’ve seen tragic results in the last 2-3 weeks in Cookeville).

  2. jamieblackwell Says:

    Hope you had a restful weekend…after you finished working on Sat….

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