Weekend Wrap Up

I LOVE fall.  The crispness of the air, the color of the leaves and everything else that comes with it.  The past few weekends have looked the same. . . not much going on, hanging around the house on Saturday morning, playing outside and lots of good family time together.  Saturdays have a whole new meaning now that Addison is in school.  We cherish our weekend family time now more than ever before.

This weekend the girls got to spend with Noni and Pops (grandparents).  They had a blast.  They were both so excited. . . we took them to meet my dad at Centennial Park on Friday afternoon.  They got to go to a party over on the Vanderbilt campus (where Noni works) and then to a high school football game.  Saturday, they made “PFWs” which stands for Pop’s Famous Waffles.  That is a tradition with them and the girls get so excited.  Then they spend the day at Gentry’s Farm in Franklin.  They came home exhausted and with many stories to tell from the ballgame, farm and their time with Dad and Karen.  The first thing that they very proudly told me as soon as they walked in the door was, “Mom, we got our own diet coke today.”  Pops and Noni just smiled (b/c they know that I don’t allow them to drink diet coke) and said, “It was a special time, Amzo.”  They also came home with pumpkins (that they picked out themselves) and gum (that was not sugarless – which I was NEVER allowed to chew growing up).  Grandparents are great because they let the kids have so much fun without reservation.  I love that and I am so thankful that my kids get to spend time with their grandparents who love them so much.  Thanks Dad and Karen for having a great time with my kids and giving Rick and I some time alone too!

So, onto our weekend. . . Rick and I enjoyed dinner Friday night on the patio at SATCO – the BEST taco joint in Nashville.  My all time favorite and a must have at every visit is the cheese dip.  Yummy.  We looked around at all the college kids eating and drinking their buckets of beer and realized how old we are!  College was a really long time ago and yet we don’t feel so old.  There was much excitement in the air because ESPN’s College Game Day was there on the Vandy campus for the game on Saturday.  After dinner, we walked over to the Vanderbilt campus to the hospital to visit a friend.  Our visit there was a sobering reminder that life is short and each day is a gift.  When we got home (at 8:00 – party animals, huh?) we started to watch a movie and pooped out before it was even over.  Even without kids, we couldn’t make it past 10:00!

Saturday morning Rick took me to breakfast.  I chose to go to Mimi’s cafe since we have not had breakfast there before – BIG MISTAKE!!  It was a terrible experience.  There were some major kitchen issues and all I can say is that 35-40 minutes AFTER we arrived, we were served our breakfast which was not complete AND it was cold!  Rick was furious.  He called over a manager and sent his meal back and told them he was not going to eat.  She sent us home with some muffins and a $30 gift certificate to come back again.  And of course we were not charged for our breakfast.  It was such a bummer, cause it really got our fun Saturday morning by ourselves off to a bad start.  But we recovered and spent the morning making stops at random places like the bike shop, Lowes for flowers and Old Time Pottery for pots for flowers.  We didn’t make any significant purchases, but enjoyed spending time driving around and looking around together with no little urchins clamoring for our attention.  🙂

Saturday afternoon, when the girls returned, we headed to a birthday party and then home for much needed baths and rest!  Bedtime was early on Saturday night.  Sunday we attended church and enjoyed the worship.  We had Mexican (again) for lunch and came home for an afternoon of playing outside, folding laundry and watching football.  I really do enjoy when we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything.  It just feels so freeing!  And now we are getting ready for the start of another week.  This week Addison has fall break and I am really excited.  I hope to plan some really fun things to do with her while she is home from school.  Ava Jane will love it too.  She misses Addison being at school all day.

There wasn’t much exciting to share, but I am pretty into not having too much exciting going on.  It is a nice change of pace for me.  🙂  My weeks stay busy, but the weekends have just been GREAT.


2 Responses to “Weekend Wrap Up”

  1. Missy Says:

    Sounds like a great weekend, Amy! I am glad you and Rick got to enjoy each other’s company. Did you all go and visit Snapper? How is he? I have been praying hard!

    I hope you have an uneventful, relaxing week my freind!

  2. Anna Says:

    Amy – Do you know Tracy Cornett’s email address? I have a good friend who is also going through the adoption process in Ethiopia and I thought I could hook them up. Their babies could be friends!!
    If you know her email address, just email it to me at anna_phillips_2002@yahoo.com.
    I tried to leave her a comment on her blog, but it wouldn’t let me for some reason.

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