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Weekend Update

October 27, 2008

The weekends are getting busier around our house now that Fall is officially here.  I spent Friday night with some dear friends. . . dinner and lots of good chat time.  We stayed up late and watched P.S. I Love You. . . which I boo-hoo’ed all the way through. . . even though I just saw it a couple of months ago.  I didn’t get much sleep because I had to get up very early on Saturday morning to work at a 5K race here in town.  The Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition had it’s first annual 5K Memorial Run/Walk to remember those whose lives were lost because of drugs/alcohol.  It was a great turn-out for this first time event.  Our Just Say No Organization had a booth selling drinks and Chic-fil-A Chicken biscuits (yum)!  We also had a Rap Competition between students from different schools.  There were other booths set up too.  It was coooold outside, but so much fun!  Rick brought the girls out and they played on the jumpy slide, ate lots of food, won some prizes for playing games and jumped on the bouncy slide some more.  🙂  They had a great time.

I made it home before noon and wanted to crash.  But, the girls really wanted to see High School Musical 3. . . so, like a good mother (who also wanted to see the much anticipated song and dance) we went!  We skipped lunch altogether since they filled up on food at the race.  We stopped at Walgreens and bought movie candy. . . so much fun for them.  Then we made it to the 1:00 matinee and only had to pay $16.50 for all three of us!   I was thrilled that it was so cheap (for the movies).  Then we bought one popcorn and one big drink – with free refills on both.  We all ate waaaay too much junk at that movie. . . but then again, we never go to the movies, so this was a treat for us!  The movie was really good.  A little long for the kids. . . but very clean and GREAT songs and dance moves!  There were some mushy gushy looks and dances between Troy and Gabriella. . . and one kiss on the lips. . . which Ava Jane giggled at.  But all in all, it was a great movie.

Saturday night we had Chili’s take out and watched UT play terrible football in front of a nice toasty fire.  I LOVE our fireplace.  It is woodburning and although that can be messy, the smell and sounds are wonderful.  It reminded me of being at my grandparents house as a little girl.  Always loving the fire in the fireplace.  And Rick has built one several nights the past week since it has been getting so much cooler outside.  That is one of the many things I love about this house.  I went to bed before the game was even over because I was so exhausted.  And slept for 9 hours!!!  Loved that!

Sunday was church. . . after worship I served in TreeHollow (worship for our preschoolers).  We sang some great songs and then it was my Sunday to tell the Bible Story.  About midway through the story a little boy yells out, “You forgot part of the story. . . some of the people didn’t like listening to Paul teach about Jesus.”  I was trying to hold back my laughter as this three year old corrected my story telling skills.  By that time, I totally lost where I was and began to wrap up the story and end with a prayer.  Little ones are just too cute.  And I really like being able to worship with them on Sundays.  After church we ran to the grocery for a few things.  Then home for lunch, naptime and one more grocery trip. . . for the things on sale at another store.  My the things we do to live on a budget!

We grilled hamburgers for dinner and I also made our dinner for tonight (chicken tetrazini).  Delicio-so!!  We watched our favorite family show. . . Extreme Home Makeover.  Bedtime followed for the kiddos and then I started planning the Harvest Party for Addison’s class on Friday.  Whew!  A mom’s work never ends. . . and so here we are at the start of a new week.  This is Red Ribbon Week for drug/alcohol prevention throughout the county (and one of my big weeks of the year with my job as Just Say No Coordinator).  Every school does dress up days this week.  And guess what?  I TOTALLY forgot that it was pajama day (“Don’t get caught napping. . . Say NO to drugs”) at Addison’s school.  When I went to pick up the little girl we carpool with she was in her pjs.  I was sooooo sad.  Addison had no idea until her friend told her.  She asked if she would be the ONLY one NOT in pajamas.  I apologized many times in the car and assured her that other kids would be dressed in regular clothes. . . and she seemed okay when I told her we had other dress up days this week.  But pajama day is the BEST dress up day in my opinion!  And I forgot!  I hope she isn’t scarred for long. . . and I hope that no one wondered why the coordinator’s own child wasn’t participating in the events for the week.  I guess I’ll try to redeem myself tomorrow. . . but how exciting is it to wear sunglasses to school?  I’ll make it seem GREAT.

Anywho. . . that was our weekend. . . nothing great. . . but busier than usual.  I hope that the five people who read this will have a great week!


Working Mom

October 21, 2008

Wow!  This school year is so busy for me.  Why?  Well, being a Room Mom for a kindergarten class can be hard work!  🙂  We just had our first annual school carnival on Saturday. . . which meant choosing a game for our class, getting volunteers to work the game, choosing an auction basket theme and then getting items from parents (or money to shop with) and getting everything for the basket, wrapping the basket and then showing up on Saturday and spending some more money on tickets for games, etc.  WHEW!  I am wiped out!

Not to mention that I am “working outside the home” this week.  I have to qualify the word “working” since I know that I work every day, with no monetary pay!  But this week I have gone back to my old roots of drug/alcohol prevention work.  I have spent time at a middle school with the 8th graders (and 7th graders for the next two days) doing an alcohol prevention program.  Again, hard work.  I forgot what it is like to literally stand on my feet ALL day long and TALK for 6 straight hours.  I am pooped!  Not to mention that trying to convince 8th graders that it really ISN’T cool to drink is a HARD task.  And I also feel a little out of the loop.  It has been six years since I have done this type of work.  Well, sort of. . . let’s see. . . for the past six years (since I have had Addison) I have continued to work with Just Say No (by coordinating events throughout the year and working with the school sponsors), and continued my in-service trainings for teachers on bullying and mean girls.  I love that stuff. . . but I am mostly working with adults.

This week I am IN the classroom working with the kids.  And I am CLEARLY out of touch.  I’m not even remotely cool.  I don’t know what they are watching, listening to, or doing in their spare time.  I am a mom, for goodness sake.  And apparently I look like a mom and act like a mom, unlike my cool self BK (before kids)!  I have decided that working outside the home with little ones is HARD WORK.  Not just physically, but also mentally and even emotionally.  Someone else is taking Ava Jane to ballet tomorrow and someone else was here yesterday when Addison left for school.  I didn’t even fix anyone’s hair for the past two days.  That is hard for this mommy.  I like doing those things.  And I am blessed to be able to do those things.  Both of my angels were sleeping this morning when I left and I was sad not to be the one to greet them when they woke up and smell their funky morning breath, that I have really come to love!  🙂  I didn’t get to pray with them before our day started like we do every morning.  I prayed for them as I drove to “work” but it wasn’t the same.  I realize how blessed I am to be able to be at home with my children.  I love that job!  I can’t wait for Friday when I GET TO CLEAN MY HOUSE!!  I have never really been too excited about that, but this week I am! And I am looking forward to playing barbies and coloring too.  It’s funny how something small, like working for four days can help you put things into perspective!  I am glad that my primary job is to be home with my kids.  And you working moms, WOW!  You amaze me.  I don’t know how you do it!

What about you?  Are you a stay-at-home mom?  Do you do any type of work from home?  Do you work outside the home?  What do you like about your job – whatever job that may be?

Punkyum Fun

October 10, 2008

Yes, you read the title correctly.  In our house, Ava Jane has progressed from calling pumpkins “punkums” to “punk-yums.”  And the truth is that it is just to cute to correct.  Addison even has a hard time remembering the correct pronunciation thanks to Ava Jane.  Anyway, Addison is out of school on fall break and we have had such a good time (the girls and I) the past two days.  We’ve visited the new library, had lunch out, had friends over to play, had a picnic and played at the park, and this afternoon was the best. . . we painted pumpkins!  The girls each picked out a pumpkin and so did I.  I also bought three little ones just for extra fun.  We headed to Walmart for some new colors of paint and paintbrushes.  While we were there, we picked up lots of junk food to make some fun fall treats (caramel apples, cookies to ice and decorate and brownies to make and share with neighbors).  Then it was home to set up shop.

We pulled out our big table in the garage.  Then covered it with newspaper and pulled out all the paintbrushes, paints, paper towels, etc.  Each of us had our own spot to create our masterpiece.  Ava Jane could not wait to get started.  She just likes to make a mess.  And Addison was equally thrilled because she is really into anything art related.  She took her time designing her pumpkins and was quite proud of her work.  Here are some pictures of them working.

Addison with a “clean canvas” just waiting to get started.

Ava Jane is ready to go!

Addison hard at work – and check out that headband on her head. . . now that is what I call true artistic confidence.

Addison thought it was so cool to use a palette to paint from instead of my paper plates.

Ava Jane loves the color yellow because it is her daddy’s favorite color.  And look at that bumpy little pumpkin.  Poor thing. . . looks like it is covered in pumpkin warts – and Ava Jane actually picked this out of all the pumpkins!!

And these are my little creation.  Fancy huh?  I kinda like them, so I am putting them on my front porch!  My kids didn’t understand why I only used black paint. . . but they liked the polka dots and stripes too.    And this is really bad, but I was so excited about my end result that I forgot to take pictures of the girls finished pumpkins.  What kind of mother am I?

And speaking of pumpkins. . . my friend Bridget made this incredible pumpkin for me as a house warming gift. 

Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?  It will last me until around Thanksgiving.  And it is made with all my favorite fall colors!  She is amazing and so is her work.  Thanks, Bridget, for such a great gift.

So, as you can see, we have had a fun few days with NO school and getting up without having to go somewhere right away.  So nice.  And on a completely different note. . .

Many of you know that my step-mom, Karen Robinson, fell on Monday night and broke her hip.  Crazy freak thing and she is WAAAAYYY to young to have a broken hip.  But, she fell right on it and the socket broke into several pieces.  She just had her surgery yesterday (Thursday) and is recovering and doing well.  I think the pain has been pretty intense, but she is tough.  She will be in the hospital a few more days and then the real road to recovery begins.  It will be a long recoup time.  She cannot put ANY weight on that leg for 3 whole months.  Insane.  She will have to use a wheelchair for a short time, and some great friends went to dad’s house and built a ramp in the garage going up into the house (they have super steep steps).  So generous and kind of them and a HUGE help to dad and Karen.  So, thanks to those of you who knew about this and have been praying for her.  Continue to pray for her speedy recovery.  I can’t imagine being “down” for that length of time. . . and she is quite the go-getter like I am!

Well, time for folding mounds and mounds of laundry.  I can’t procrastinate anymore.  I keep thinking it will fold itself, but the baskets just keep filling up and sitting there.  And we are all tired of digging through the clean clothes to find something to wear.  But, playing for the past two days has been priceless and I’d choose that over laundry any day!

Weekend Wrap Up

October 5, 2008

I LOVE fall.  The crispness of the air, the color of the leaves and everything else that comes with it.  The past few weekends have looked the same. . . not much going on, hanging around the house on Saturday morning, playing outside and lots of good family time together.  Saturdays have a whole new meaning now that Addison is in school.  We cherish our weekend family time now more than ever before.

This weekend the girls got to spend with Noni and Pops (grandparents).  They had a blast.  They were both so excited. . . we took them to meet my dad at Centennial Park on Friday afternoon.  They got to go to a party over on the Vanderbilt campus (where Noni works) and then to a high school football game.  Saturday, they made “PFWs” which stands for Pop’s Famous Waffles.  That is a tradition with them and the girls get so excited.  Then they spend the day at Gentry’s Farm in Franklin.  They came home exhausted and with many stories to tell from the ballgame, farm and their time with Dad and Karen.  The first thing that they very proudly told me as soon as they walked in the door was, “Mom, we got our own diet coke today.”  Pops and Noni just smiled (b/c they know that I don’t allow them to drink diet coke) and said, “It was a special time, Amzo.”  They also came home with pumpkins (that they picked out themselves) and gum (that was not sugarless – which I was NEVER allowed to chew growing up).  Grandparents are great because they let the kids have so much fun without reservation.  I love that and I am so thankful that my kids get to spend time with their grandparents who love them so much.  Thanks Dad and Karen for having a great time with my kids and giving Rick and I some time alone too!

So, onto our weekend. . . Rick and I enjoyed dinner Friday night on the patio at SATCO – the BEST taco joint in Nashville.  My all time favorite and a must have at every visit is the cheese dip.  Yummy.  We looked around at all the college kids eating and drinking their buckets of beer and realized how old we are!  College was a really long time ago and yet we don’t feel so old.  There was much excitement in the air because ESPN’s College Game Day was there on the Vandy campus for the game on Saturday.  After dinner, we walked over to the Vanderbilt campus to the hospital to visit a friend.  Our visit there was a sobering reminder that life is short and each day is a gift.  When we got home (at 8:00 – party animals, huh?) we started to watch a movie and pooped out before it was even over.  Even without kids, we couldn’t make it past 10:00!

Saturday morning Rick took me to breakfast.  I chose to go to Mimi’s cafe since we have not had breakfast there before – BIG MISTAKE!!  It was a terrible experience.  There were some major kitchen issues and all I can say is that 35-40 minutes AFTER we arrived, we were served our breakfast which was not complete AND it was cold!  Rick was furious.  He called over a manager and sent his meal back and told them he was not going to eat.  She sent us home with some muffins and a $30 gift certificate to come back again.  And of course we were not charged for our breakfast.  It was such a bummer, cause it really got our fun Saturday morning by ourselves off to a bad start.  But we recovered and spent the morning making stops at random places like the bike shop, Lowes for flowers and Old Time Pottery for pots for flowers.  We didn’t make any significant purchases, but enjoyed spending time driving around and looking around together with no little urchins clamoring for our attention.  🙂

Saturday afternoon, when the girls returned, we headed to a birthday party and then home for much needed baths and rest!  Bedtime was early on Saturday night.  Sunday we attended church and enjoyed the worship.  We had Mexican (again) for lunch and came home for an afternoon of playing outside, folding laundry and watching football.  I really do enjoy when we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything.  It just feels so freeing!  And now we are getting ready for the start of another week.  This week Addison has fall break and I am really excited.  I hope to plan some really fun things to do with her while she is home from school.  Ava Jane will love it too.  She misses Addison being at school all day.

There wasn’t much exciting to share, but I am pretty into not having too much exciting going on.  It is a nice change of pace for me.  🙂  My weeks stay busy, but the weekends have just been GREAT.