To Make You Smile

I haven’t been on in a while. . . it has been a crazy couple of weeks. But here are some super cute things that have come out of Ava Jane’s mouth over the past weeks. Those of you who know her will appreciate this and hopefully it will make you smile. It has made my face light up for sure.

* Tonight at bedtime Rick asked Ava Jane why she sleeps on top of her sheet and blanket and only covers up with her comforter. Her response: “Because I don’t want to have to make up my WHOLE bed in the morning.” That is Rick’s child, I tell you.

* Again at bedtime tonight I went to kiss Ava Jane. She instructed me to keep my head straight and she was going to turn hers to the side. And she wanted to kiss on the lips. Okay. . . I couldn’t stop laughing. “Where did you see that, Ava Jane?” I asked. “It’s how you and daddy kissed at your wedding.” Well, right she was, but so funny that she wanted to kiss both of us that way.

* I told Ava Jane that my friend Leslie had a white clothes hamper she was going to give us for Ava Jane’s closet. Ava Jane was ecstatic about it. Funny itself. But I heard her tell Rick last night, “Daddy, Ms. Leslie is bringing me a white HAMPSTER basket for my room.” Rick’s response was, “Well, Ava, I don’t know about that. Mommy and I will have to talk about that.” Ava: “Daaaaddddyyy. . . mommy is the one who told me she was bringing it. It’s for my dirty clothes. ” Ohhhhh! Now that makes more sense!

* Last week at bedtime Rick was laying with Ava Jane. She whispered to him, “Daddy, I hear your harp beating.” Precious and priceless all at the same time. She can’t seem to get the word heart. Even today she drew a picture and tried to make a heart and said, “Look mom! I drawed a harp.”

* Ava Jane has had a fascination for a while with her belly button. She is always putting her finger in it. The other day I finally asked her, “Ava Jane, why do you ALWAYS put your finger in your belly button?” “Mooommm (two syllables), it keeps my finger warm.” Gross! But cute coming out of her lips.

* On the way to school last week before we prayed we went over everyone’s day. Addison had school, Ava Jane had school and I had a meeting to go to. So, we prayed for everyone’s day. I picked up Ava Jane first from school. It was her first day back. On the way to the car she told me about everything she did that day. When we got in the car, as she was buckling up, she looked at me through the rear view mirror and said, “Soooo, how was it?” I swear she sounded like one of my girlfriends talking. “How was what?” I said. “Your meeting, how was it?” Again, priceless. My four year old remembered that I had a meeting and thought to ask me about it first thing when we got in the car. If you could only have seen her face and heard her tone of voice.

Well, that’s it for now. I just had to write all that stuff down before I forgot it! Ava Jane is such a joy to be around. She is always happy and most of the time content. She speaks the love language of words of encouragement. She is everyone’s biggest fan and cheerleader. Especially her sister’s! She is a true delight. She’s also a pistol and a handful. I am praying even now for her teenage years. Can you see her? Hear her? Imagine her antics as a 14 year old, instead of a four year old? My payback may come via Ava Jane. I’m sure both my parents are laughing if they are reading this. For they know exactly what I am talking about.


8 Responses to “To Make You Smile”

  1. Jamie Blackwell Says:

    Sweet Ava Jane. She is so funny! I love the one about her asking you about your day. The fact that she even remembered and thought to ask…
    so precious!

  2. Jennifer Williams Says:

    Amy, she is a hoot! I needed that smile and laugh. Thanks for sharing
    those moments! My Ava is a lot like your Ava…we need to get them
    together! Maybe it has something to do with the name! Ha Ha! Hey, Anna left me a message wondering if I had your new phone number…if you have time email her or something. I hope Addison has a good week.

  3. Saundra Says:

    Hey, I used to do that with my bed in high school! I just slept on top of all the covers with an afghan that I folded up when I got up. There was even a recent thing in the paper about how some HS girls are sleeping in their clothes for the next day to save time in the mornings! I think Ava Jane is brilliant!

  4. Cathy Martin Says:

    Yes, laughing ALL THE WAY through her teenage years with lots of love !!!

  5. Julie Shaver Says:

    Hilarious! My favorite part was when she put her finger in her belly button to keep it warm! 🙂

  6. Christy Butler Says:

    That was adorable! I wish I had kept a list of the funny things the boys have said over the years. Priceless!

  7. Steve Robinson Says:

    You are right, Ames. It’s gonna be “payday someday” … Those precious girls are blessed to have such Godly parents, like you and Rick. I love you both.


  8. Michelle Niggl Says:

    That is so cool that you wrote all her comments down. You have toatlly moved me and I am now adding one more thing to my to do list. I love how swwet an preciuos they are at four. They think they are so big, but really they are still so little. Everytime Taylor says a word wrong and I try and teach her the right way to say it she gets mad. She wants to be perfect and can’t handle being corrected. Boy am I in trouble. My fav’s are Sharp instead of shark and when she tells her little brother that she is mad and she is not going to be his little brother anymore. It cracks me up everytime.

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