Wicked Wednesday

I used to teach swimming lessons and the Wednesday of the first week of lessons was always called “Wicked Wednesday.” On Monday the kids thought is was GREAT and so much fun to come to swim lessons. On Tuesday they were sorta kinda okay about being there, but by Wednesday we had full out arms and legs flailing in the water, screaming, kicking fits. All because the realization had set in that these were swim LESSONS, not playtime. And that they didn’t really get to do what they wanted, they had to do what I told them to do (in the most loving, but firm way, of course).

Sweet Addison had that same realization today. After being super excited about Monday at school, and mostly excited about Tuesday at school (with the exception of the boy who keeps bothering her), today it hit! She mentioned a few times this morning that she didn’t want to go to school. “It is no fun,” she said. But I told her she got to go to computer this morning and she piped up a bit. Then again, “Mom, I don’t want to go today.” I could feel it coming. As we walked in we saw our friend, Micah, and that made that transition easier. When we got to the classroom it began. The tears were welling up for her and she kept whispering that she didn’t want to go to school. These were her profound words, “Mom, it’s just no fun here. Mrs. Moss doesn’t let me do whatever I want to ALL day. I can’t even get water to drink whenever I want it. And there isn’t anything fun to play with.”   Whoa. . . that is the harsh reality of life, my sweet Addison. She’s really been living the life for the past 5 years, huh? I tried to (in one sentence) tell her that life is hard and we don’t always get to do what we want and that we don’t get to play all day either. And also remind her that she would have a great day and God would be with her wherever she is today.  I know this routine because she is my child and I know how she operates. The longer I stand there, the worse it is for her. She wants to cling and as long as I am standing there, she has hope that I may take her away with me. So, even though I was in the middle of a conversation with Mrs. Moss I had to gently prod Addison in the door and give Mrs. Moss “the look” that said you better take her. I quickly walked away, thankful that my friend, Michelle, was right there so I could talk to someone and not cry for my sweet baby who did NOT want to go to school.

Truth be told, I would probably rather have her here at home with me. Ava Jane and I are not quite sure what to do with each other yet. She is used to Addison being here. I am used to Addison being here. But we will figure it out. And Addison will learn to LOVE school. I know it is just the “getting used to it” part that will be hard. So, I will be fervently praying for her and for me and for Ava Jane. That we will all “get used to it”! Here is a poem that Mrs. Moss gave the parents last Wednesday (Addison’s first phase in day with her teacher – only a half day of school). It made me a little sad then, but is much more real for me today.

The First Day

I gave you a little wink and a smile as you entered my room today.

For I know how hard it is to leave and know your child must stay.

You’ve been with her for five years now and have been a loving guide.

But now, alas, the time has come to leave her at my side.

Just know that as you drive away and tears down your cheeks may flow

I’ll love her as I would my own and help her learn and grow.

For as a parent, I too know how quickly the years to pass

And that one day soon it will be my turn to take my child to class.

So please put you mind at ease and cry those tears no more.

For I will love her and take her in when you leave her at my door.

So, now that you are probably crying like I am. . . say a little prayer for all the sweet kindergarten kids who are entering “Wicked Wednesday.”  Tomorrow may be worse and then by Friday things may ease up a bit.  Maybe it is for this reason right here that God had me teach swim lesson for those five years before Addison arrived.  To be able to know and be prepared for Wicked Wednesday, and the days to follow.  And to know how to encourage and love and support Addison through this season of learning and growing.  And for those of you who have not sent your baby to school yet, be sure to mark down the first Wednesday of the first FULL week of school so that you can be prepared!!


9 Responses to “Wicked Wednesday”

  1. tracycornett Says:

    Yuck! I am crying for you!! I will pray for peace.

  2. Sarah Underhill Says:

    I hear you sis! We hit that actually on Monday. I’ll blog about it some century. But, she refused to go in. Cried outside the door! She was okay by Tuesday.

    BUT, I HIT WICKED WEDNESDAY TODAY! The novelty of the carpool line and getting up at 6:15 to constantly have to nag Katie Beth to hurry up, hurry up, get ready, brush your teeth, brush your hair, put on your clothes, have you even started brushing your teeth yet?, where is your toothbrush, where is your hairbrush, do you have your folder, your breath still smells, did you brush your hair at all?, where are your socks?, do you have your folder?, where is your folder?, and on and on and on. Doing all of that is one thing, but doing it at 6:15????? AARRGGHH.

    And, it’s not just a one week thing like VBS or something. It’s 5 days a week 40 weeks a year for the next 17 years????????? (With three kids) I have wicked wednesday today. Then the car line lady was a little frustrated b’c we werent’ getting out of the car fast enough and then the policeman directing traffic yelled at me because I was in the wrong lane. I have more details. I’m fired up now and am going to write my blog post. But yes, wicked wednesday it is – for mommies too!

    Now that I’ve focused completely on myself, I pray pray Addison has a good day today and comes home feeling okay. I hope you’re ok today and not worrying too much. And, I pray tomorrow is less wicked.

    Oh wise one, what were Thursdays like in swimming lessons???

  3. Mandy LeMay Says:

    Thinking of you girls. I know it’s hard, I can’t even imagine- this is all you and Addison have known for so long. Yal will get the hang of it and you will get extra special time to spend with AJ until next year! You’ll have to start the madness all over again! AGHHHHH! I had tears well up in my eyes and that knot in my throat when I read the poem, but tried not to think about that yet… just know I’ll say a prayer that your Wednesday won’t be so wicked! Maybe it could be wonderful Wednesday instead. Love yal.

  4. Laura H. Says:

    Hannah woke yesterday saying she didn’t want to go to school either. But whenever I let her stay for extended care….she’s mad when I pick her up too early!! Fickle pickles. I know they are exhausted! Kindergarten is hard work!

    I attended a 4th grade parent meeting last night, and can I just say I wish Emma was back in Kindergarten! Life seemed more simple then. With all the stresses and highs/lows of this year, and what it will bring, just embrace everyday knowing God gave us these little ones to grow! And Grow us too! You will soon feel like you’re back in school……getting a 2nd stab at multiplication, long division, the particles beneath the Earth’s surface and such! UGH……

    Thankfully, Wednesday is set aside for WORSHIP! WE can and WILL get through this season of life! To His Glory!

  5. Susan Says:

    Oh Amy! I had tears in my eyes when I was reading the part about you dropping Addison in her room and her whispering to you she didn’t want to go. Avery asked me a couple of weeks into his Kindergarten year how much longer he would have to do this- meaning go to school and I stopped myself thinking- oh my! its going to be another 12 years!!!
    Mrs Moss looks familiar. 🙂 I’ll be praying for you guys as you all get more familiar with this new schedule and new phase of life.

  6. susan j Says:

    Being the excellent Mom that I am, I told Anna that the Police would take me to jail if she doesn’t go and so far so good. Kindergarten is better than Mommy in jail!

  7. tracybrothers Says:

    Oh Amy! I knew what you were going to say when I read the first sentence. I’m waiting for Annie to wake up one morning and decide she’s had enough kindergarten, thank you very much! I will pray for Thrilling Thursday!

  8. Heather Says:

    Girl, they don’t even do phase in down here in Texas and they don’t go an hour shorter, it is already making me sick to my stomach, and Emma still has a year. I am already crying about it!! Hang in there, I will be praying!

  9. montee Says:

    My son is a Junior in high school. He says he doesn’t want to go to school everyday and has done it since his first Wicked Wednesday. I used to feel so bad for him but after a few years, you really can get tired of hearing it! Then you don’t feel so sorry anymore. Girls are different so she will be okay, don’t worry. Maybe that little boy is getting on her nerves.

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