Where Have I Been?

Where have you been, you might be asking? Well, I have been busy organizing (maybe not so much) my house, playing with my kids before school REALLY started and getting Addison all ready for kindergarten. We have had so much going on lately. And I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and blog about it all. I have had a million things in my mind that I wanted to write down, but just not the time to do it. Let me try to recap the past week or so for you.  I want to give you the highlights (which there are plenty), but there are also some pretty sad things that have occurred in the past 10 days as well.  Here is what has been going on. . .

Last weekend Addison learned to ride her little bike with no training wheels.  HUGE!!

On Sunday (8/17) Cheryl Owen passed away after a nearly year long battle with leukemia.  She is the second adult I have known in the past year to be diagnosed with what I thought was a childhood disease.  Though I didn’t even know Cheryl myself, I felt as if I did.  I prayed for her from the day I found out she was diagnosed right through the end.  My heart was sad for her husband and two grown sons.  And I have to say that I wrestled with God for a while about why she had to suffer so much near the end.  Especially when she was suppose to be getting better.  God has shown me some amazing things through her life and through praying for her.  Prayer itself, is an amazing thing.

On a lighter note. . . we finally had our blinds installed last Monday so we now have some privacy.   For two weeks we had NO coverings at all on our windows.  The best part (that I can think of) about that was that I could see the moon and stars sooo clearly outside my bedroom window at night.  And now that we are much further out of the “city” the sky is so dark and the moon and stars are so bright.  It really is majestic!

On Tuesday I had two little cavities filled.  Both on opposite sides of my mouth.  The entire upper part of my mouth was numb ALL day long.  The good part – I got gas. . . well you know. . . a little nitrous (isn’t that what it is?) since I am such a baby about my teeth being worked on.  It was nice to feel loopy for an hour.  Just being honest here.

Wednesday was a big day.  It was Addison’s second phase in day and first day in her real class with her teacher!!  Here she is with Mrs. Moss.

We are so blessed to have her for a teacher.  She has been a kindergarten teacher for several years now and I have her from so many about how wonderful she is.  And what is funny is that I actually knew her when we were little girls.  We lived down the street from each other and went to church together.  Her parents and my parents are still friends.  The sweetest part is that Mrs. Moss’ dad called my dad to tell him that Addison was in her class.  And Mr. Bearden told my dad that he prays for each of the children in her class by name.  Oh, I just love that.  A good teacher and a godly teacher with godly parents too!  Can’t ask for more than that.  Not to mention that Addison loves her and has not shed ONE tear about school. . .which is HUGE for my child!!!  Another amazing thing about prayer.

Second thing on Wednesday was that Ava Jane started her first ballet/tap lesson.  She has been wanting to take ballet FOREVER.  She was so good last year to sit and watch Addison (and their friends) every Monday in gymnastics, while never getting to do it herself.  And now it is finally her turn.  Here she is really for the first lesson.

Here she is with her new ballerina buddies.  Is it odd that she is the only child with a black leotard on?  I guess I will have to go get her a pink one so she will match the rest. . . they are sooo cute!

Thursday was another sad day for me.  Sweet Joseph went to be with Jesus.  He had just turned four on Wednesday and died on Thursday afternoon.  I have prayed with so many others for this precious boy since the days even before his diagnosis of a brain tumor only nine months ago.  I have several connections to him and his family and was heartbroken by their loss.  As a mom, I could put myself in his mom’s place and I just don’t know what I would do.  Each detail that I would hear about would send me back into sobbing tears.  I spent most of that night crying and trying to process again, why God would want Joseph with him instead of here with his mom, dad and little sister.  As always, God met me in my sadness and assured me that I could trust him.  Oh, what a hard lesson.  When that fear begins to creep in that this could happen to my child. . . but I literally said outloud many times on Thursday and Friday, “God, I trust you.  You are good.  I trust you, Lord.  You are in control and I trust you.”  My heart has remained sad, but I know that Joseph is completely healed and for that I am so grateful.

Friday night and Saturday morning I had the priviledge of participating in a conference called Going Beyond with Priscilla Shirer.  I was ready and I needed to hear a word from God.  And boy did God speak!!  Priscilla is awesome because she is in my stage of life. . . just sent one to kindergarten and has one at home (and she has one on the way, though I do not!!!)  Her message was convicting and yet made me more passionate about wanting to dig into God’s word.  I could write a whole post on what I learned, but I will just tell you that I learned a lot.  My step sister was there and she had just graduated from Mercy Ministries in St. Louis.  I am so very proud of her and praying that she continues to follow God as he shows her his amazing plans for her life.

Rick had what he called “The Ultimate Man Day” on Saturday.  He rode his motorcycle most of the day and then topped the day off wakeboarding on the lake.  Wow!  I should say he did have a man’s day.  The girls stayed with his parents in the morning during my conference and then we went to the pool that afternoon.  We had a good day and a relaxing Sunday afternoon after a great church service that morning.

This week is Addison’s first week to go all day long.  And boy do the days seem long for her.  Here she was yesterday.  It was raining (which we are so grateful for), so we got a little wet.

Do you like the apple dress for the first full day of school?  So cute.  And I love her pigtails.  I helped during lunch on Monday to get the kids through the line and open things in lunch boxes for them.  They seem so small to serve themselves in a lunch line.  Addison took her lunch yesterday, but plans to buy it Friday for the “Breakfast Bar” on the menu!

As you can see we have had lots going on.  Not to mention an emotional rollercoaster.  We are loving our house and can’t wait to have people come over to visit.  I gotta run. . . kindergarten car rider line starts forming soon.


5 Responses to “Where Have I Been?”

  1. Heather Says:

    I love the apple dress, where did you find it?? Miss you and great post(s)!!

  2. Carrie Hayes Says:

    loved the recap! you have been busy, whew! thanks for sharing all the pics…so cute!

  3. tracybrothers Says:

    So glad to hear from you on your blog again. I have to say when you talked about getting your cavities filled and getting gas, I thought for a second you meant you got the other kind of gas! Hah! That stuff does always give me the giggles. So glad Addison is doing well and it definitely sounds like you could not ask for a better teacher!

  4. jamieblackwell Says:

    Glad to see you are blogging again. Lil’ Ava Jane looks so stinkin’ cute at her dance class! And Addison looked like a beautiful BIG girl. I can NOT believe she is really in that BIG school. My, how the time flies…I remember sitting on your couch holding her when you had just brought her home from the hospital and I had just found out I was preggers with Carly. I also remember not too long after that sitting in the same den and you telling me you were prggers with Ava Jane, I hadn’t even had Carly yet.
    Now, lil’ Addie (remember I wanted to call her that and you put the exnay on that)is in school. It really does go by so fast.

  5. Missy Says:

    Wow, Amy what a busy week indeed!

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of two special people. It is NEVER easy, but I try to remind myself that they are now with their Father and aren’t hurting or sad. We have to trust that God will help cushion the blow for us. It’s hard.

    Addison looks precious, precious in her apple dress. Oh, I could just squeeze her. She is a beautiful girl and I know she will have a great year.

    Little Miss Ava Jane is soooo cute and reminds me of her mommy. Bet you’ve never heard that, huh?

    Have a blessed week my friend!

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