Conversation with my Daughter

After I picked up the girls from class at church today, we were walking down the hallway filled with people when this quiet conversation took place between me and Addison:

Addison: “Mom, I used potty talk in my class today.”

Me: thinking. . . oh heavens. . . what could she have said. . . but very calmly and quietly saying, “What kind of potty talk honey?

Addison: “Boy parts”

Me: thinking. . . oh for the love of all that is good. . . why did I find it necessary to tell her the CORRECT names for the boys parts and the girl parts. . . and saying. . . “Did you say the P word?”

Addison: nearly in tears and knowing she shouldn’t have said what she did, “Uh huh.”

Me: about to have a heart attack said, “Oh honey. . . we only use potty talk in the bathroom and there is just no reason for you to even say the word for a boy’s privates.”

Addison: “I’m sorry mommy. I know I shouldn’t have said that.”

Me: dumb question. . . “Why did you say that?”

Addison: “I don’t know.” Tears are really ready to fall about now. . .

Me: “Who heard you say it?”

Addison: “Elizabeth and I think Lily.”

Me: panicking as I can picture the conversation of a mother calling me wanting to know why my daughter scarred her daughter by using the P word in Sunday School of all places. . . “Addison, I need to be able to trust you not to use potty talk anywhere but the bathroom and not to talk about boy parts anymore.”

Addison: “Yes ma’am.”

At this point we are outside waiting for daddy and there are still plenty of people all around. Addison apologized to me. I thanked her for telling me the truth and told her that it DOES make me trust her when she is honest about when she does wrong. (That is a quality that I hope she has FOREVER). Then I told her that she needed to ask God to forgive her. This always gets her and she started to cry. She asked me to ask God for her. I explained that I can’t ask God to forgive her. . . only she can do that. Then I asked if she wanted to repeat a prayer after me. I don’t think she quite knew what she needed to say to God (especially since she said the P word).

So, right there outside of the church building while Ava Jane is climbing all over everything. . . I prayed sentence by sentence as Addison repeated after me. She told God that she was sorry for using potty talk and asked God to help her not use potty talk anymore. . . especially at church and school (I added that for my sake). Then she thanked God for forgiving her and wrapped it up with a good ole AMEN.

Whew! It was a sweet time of bonding between us and allowing her the opportunity to talk to God and ask for forgiveness. Luckily, there have been no phone calls from upset moms! 🙂 I am hoping that I know which Elizabeth and which Lily she was talking about and that their moms know and love us enough to forgive!! I’m sure I will need to be reminded of this a few months from now when Addison comes home from Kindergarten and asks me what some horrendous word means that she heard some kid say at school. I pray that I will be forgiving too.

Oh, and can I just let you in on something. . . potty talk in our house is using words like “bottom, toot, tinkle, poo-poo, etc”. . . I figure it is safer if they only use those terms in the bathroom (great suggestion from my friend, Kim). Just wanted to make you were clear on what potty talk ACTUALLY is in our house!


5 Responses to “Conversation with my Daughter”

  1. Mandy LeMay Says:

    This is hilarious! What a great teaching lesson… What is about those “P” words that they find so funny? (Meaning my boys…) I loved hearing this though- I’m sure you’re in for lots more words coming your way… HA! We forgive and forget right? :)Cute story… You’ll have to tell her this one later on life.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Amy- I am dying! This is hilarious!! Is this “p word” poop or the REAL p word???

  3. Amy Lafayette Says:

    The real deal “P” word for boy privates!! I just didn’t want to put it in here for fear that some idiot would google THAT word and somehow get to my blog! Better safe than sorry. . . and I am thinking it might have been your child she said the word in front of! 🙂 Of course she probably just blurted out the word, no sentence, no phrase, just the word, in which case no one probably even knew what she was talking about!!!!

  4. Julie Shaver Says:

    Why is it that they say that body part loudly and boldly (and by “they” I mean my child), yet you never hear them yell “EAR!” or “KNEE!”? 🙂

  5. melissa3 Says:

    THat is hilarious! For the record, I teach my kids the correct terms as well. But, sometimes, I regret it……Like, in the bathroom at the library when Camden shouts “Girls have Vs” and “boys have Ps”. I also tell them they can only say it in the bathroom, but after that incident, I added ” only at the bathroom at home!”

    Also, I made the mistake of watching TLC’s a Baby Story while i was at my parents house, and Camden was listening some in the background. Mind you, I never watch TV in front of the kids….and the one time, I do….Anyway, Camden keeps telling people “When I grow up, I want to have a baby. I want a “baginal” delivery. And, I want medicine. Some people choose not to, but I want my medicine!!” LOL

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