Yesterday we celebrated our 10 year anniversary!  Whoo hoo!  We really didn’t do anything grand.  It was just a pretty ordinary day. . . Our big anniversary gift to one another is this awesome house that we are living in and the beautiful dining room furniture that should be delivered soon!  We did have a delicious strawberry cake from my friend, Mandy.  Our wedding cake was strawberry so we decided on that flavor to remind us of our big day.  Here is the cake.

It was unbelievable delicious!  We both wanted some for breakfast today, but decided maybe we should at least wait until after lunch!  Thanks Mandy for the Sweet Treat!

We all (girls included) went to eat at Fulin’s last night.  Not really our anniversary dinner, but some place yummy that we could all enjoy – and we did.  We plan to celebrate in a couple of weeks when things aren’t so crazy busy and when more of our unpacking is complete.  Rick wrote me the sweetest letter (and I had written him a letter too)!  I always treasure it when someone writes down anything for me.  Especially how they feel.  Addison asked if I would tell her the story of our wedding day, so as we put them to bed we told them about our wedding ceremony. . . who was there. . . that we kissed in front of EVERYONE. . . the cake at our reception. . . the little bells that everyone rang as we ran out of the church. . . and we stopped it there!  HAHAHA!  They told us “Happy Anniversary” so many times yesterday and last night.  It was so sweet.  They even told people that we saw that it was mommy and daddy’s anniversary.  I am grateful that they know how much Rick and I love each other.  And I pray that they will find great security in that always.  I have always heard that one of the best ways to love your kids is to love your spouse.  And I love Rick more than anything.  I am grateful that God allowed me to be his wife.  And I am grateful for the wonderful husband he is to me!

Oh, I almost forgot.  Here is a picture that Addison wanted to take of us before dinner.


10 Responses to “10 YEARS”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Happy Anniversary! 10 years! How awesome! And, I love that your kids get to see the love you guys have. That’s beautiful!

  2. tracybrothers Says:

    She did a great job on the picture! Glad you had a great day. I know your love for each other must bring a lot of happiness, security, and peace to your girls. Here’s to the next 10 years!

  3. Susan Says:

    Happy Anniversary!! Can we come over for some of that cake?? 🙂

  4. Laura H. Says:

    It’s a blessing to read your blog Amy. Thank you for constantly reminding others of your love for the LORD and your MAN!! And isn’t it wonderful when those two love you back in such a HUGE way!!

    Blessings sister!

  5. schellfamily Says:

    You guys look so sweet! Happy Anniversary

  6. Angel Harrison Says:

    Great picture! Happy Anniversary!!!

  7. camommy2kj Says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! We celebrate our 10th in December.

  8. jamieblackwell Says:

    Sorry I missed it!! Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

  9. Denise Hicks Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! You make such a sweet couple!!!

  10. Carrie Hayes Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! I’m a little late but I hope it was wonderful!

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