Randomness with Pictures

This will be all over the place. . . but I had lots of pictures of random things that I intended to write entire posts about. . . lucky for you, I am reducing it to the pic and a short thought!

Today the girls and I had haircuts.  Our fabulous hair dresser, Julie, came to our house to cut, color (me only, of course) and style our hair.  Here are the new looks (Addison just got a trim.  She wants to let her hair grow.  Oh, and she got a hold of the water bottle and doused herself just before the picture. . . her hair really isn’t greasy!)

The girls found this enormous American flag in our POD and decided to have their own little patriotic parade down the sidewalk.  It was too cute.

Do you like Addison’s headband that she is wearing?  All her own style!  Nice.

Here is Addison in her new chair that Mimi gave her for her new room.  She looks like a mini teenager to me in this picture.  I can just envision her 10 years from now and it makes me want to cry.  I think she is beautiful!  Inside and out!

Last but not least. . . here are my two cutie pies all dressed up for a birthday party a couple of weeks ago before we moved.  Absolutely adorable!

That’s all the randomness for now. . . stay tuned for more!


2 Responses to “Randomness with Pictures”

  1. cobblestones Says:

    LOVE your hair! It’s gorgeous! And you have someone come to your HOUSE?? What I would give for that!! I can totally see Addison as a teenager in that chair too. Time is flying! Katie is NINE!!!

  2. jamieblackwell Says:

    Amy, your hair looks AWESOME!! and so do the girls hair. I love Addison’s cool new chair, they are growing up too fast!

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