If you know me, you will LOVE this

Sorry about the glare.  I took a picture of a picture.  WHO IS THAT GORGEOUS COUPLE????

It’s me and Rick at my senior prom in 1992.  Seriously, I would give my right arm to look like that again.  And look at my Rick.  Uni-brow and all!  Thankfully that is gone. . . but he still has those good looks.  DO NOT post a comment about how skinny I was then. . .it will just depress me more.  But dang, I looked good!  And that was my favorite dress of ALL time.  Very cool in the early 90’s!

Speaking of the early 90’s. . . I found this box of cassette tapes that I have been keeping.  Rick just about died when he pulled it out of the POD.  “Why would you keep cassette tapes, Ame?  You don’t even have a way to play them anymore.”  I had no answer except that I am a pack rat.  And very sentimental.  I even found a “mixed tape” from a fiend in college. . . why would I want that?  Basically I just want my kids to know what a mixed tape is and what a GREAT gift it was in the day because it took FOREVER to make.  Do you still have some of these?

As an act of love for my hubby, I threw them in the dumpster.  Agghh!  It hurt me a little. . . kinda like I was throwing away part of myself in all those tapes.  He thinks I am crazy. . . and I would probably have kept them forever, but he was stressing out over all my “junk.”  Purge, Amy, purge.

Okay. . . here is the BEST item I have possibly EVER OWNED. . . and if you knew me when I carried this, I want you to leave a comment for me (Christy and Susan)!!  Are you ready??

Are you seeing this?  I think I had this in middle school.  It is a black patton telephone purse.  That is an actual telephone.  The handle was the phone receiver and inside the purse was a little box and cord that you plugged into a telephone jack.  SERIOUSLY. . . I was THE COOLEST person EVER with this thing.  And remember that this was WAAAAYYYY before cell phones.  I want to carry it NOW.  I might just bring it to church on Sunday.  Do you think I might be able to bring something back kinda cool, like Katie Holmes and her tight rolled jeans??  Did you ever have a purse like this?  I have never seen any other, than mine.

Okay. . . enough of memory lane.  I love going through my old stuff and reminiscing.  Sometimes I think I am getting Alzheimer’s in my mid-30’s because I cannot remember anything.  Until I dig out something from the good ole days and then I am back in that moment in no time.  Do you keep things from your past growing up?  Do you like to look back at them?  I will have more pics to post as soon as I figure out how to scan them in my computer.  Thanks for walking with me down memory lane. . .


12 Responses to “If you know me, you will LOVE this”

  1. schellfamily Says:

    Love it, love it, love it! I am so happy to finally get to see the famous telephone purse I have heard SO much about! Seriously, that is so funny! I can’t believe you still have it…well actually, I do. You could get some serious cash for that baby at an antique store!

  2. Ashley Says:

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat post!!!! Love the cassette tapes. We still have an entire paper box (the kind that holds 1,000s of pieces of paper) in our closet FULL of Jason’s cassette tapes. Trust me, he converts them….WAY TOO MUCH EFFORT!!!

  3. cobblestones Says:

    Bwahahahaha!! I think Chris got an even bigger kick out of the purse than I did. He asked if it worked and I said “surely not”… then kept reading. When I told him it did he said “just as I suspected” This is too funny! Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Susan Says:

    Too funny Amy!! I cracked up at the cassette tapes and your comment about how long it took to make a mixed tape for someone. I so remember doing that! Love the phone purse!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Oh, I held on to my cassette tapes forever! I think I finally trashed mine too when we moved in last October. Kinda sad, really. But, the prom pic is great! Your dress is my fave color!

  6. Amy Smithson Says:

    Love this post!! I LOVE looking back at old pics and reminiscing!! Keep em’ coming!! The purse is awesome…I can honestly say that I’ve never seen anything like it-ha!!

  7. jamieblackwell Says:

    OK, that was seriously my favorite prom dress EVER!!! I remember you wearing it and me loving it! I totally understand you having a hard time throwing away the tapes, you know me and my muse. And the phone purse…I think that’s my first time to see it. What an invention! It was basically a cell phone before cell phones.
    I do love going down memory lane myself, mine is usually filled with tons of pictures. Thanks for sharing, it definitely brought a smile to my face and I’d love to see that purse, I mean phone, I mean purse, at church on Sunday.

  8. Sarah Underhill Says:

    Hilarious! I still have a mixed tape from Jason somewhere. And, never even heard of such a thing – where did you buy the phone purse??? Hilarious. Does it still work now? Like could you use it at home? Call me on it!

  9. Anna Says:

    Did you find any “Dear Psycho” letters in all that stuff?

  10. tracybrothers Says:

    Hahahahahaha! I’m so excited to FINALLY see the phone purse. It’s even better than I imagined! Where did you get it? Do you remember? I’d love to receive a call from the phone purse. We should do a joint post with our college “jumpers”. I know you still have that plaid Christmas jumper. Beautiful prom pic.

  11. Mandy LeMay Says:

    So glad to see ‘the purse’ and the pics and the tapes. You are so funny Amy!!! I’m so glad we’re from the 80’s era- it just makes me laugh.

  12. Christy Puckett Says:

    LOVE IT!!!! Amy, only you would have ( and should have ) the FABULOUS phone purse!
    and…You do look fantastic in your prom dress!
    I need to bring out the pics of us trying on prom dresses at Castner Knott long before we were old enough to go to prom!
    We should try to have a Girls Only 80’s party! It would be too fun!

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