Here are some of the questions Ava Jane asked me over the course of the day today:

When Aunt Kate’s dog had it’s puppies, where did they cut her tummy open? What, they didn’t cut open her tummy? Then how did the puppies get out of there?

Why do those boys only have on panties when they swim? (asked about the divers on the Olympics tonight)

Does God drink out of a plastic cup?

Oh, do you think God has a water maker in heaven?

Does God have 10 hands? How does he do all that stuff?

Can I just eat yogrut (yogurt) for dinner tonight?

Can I pleeeaaassseeee have a chocolate chip cookie?  (even though all she had for dinner was yogurt)

If you know Ava Jane, you know how cute she looked when she asked each and every one of these questions. And she was dead serious about each one.


3 Responses to “Questions”

  1. Mandy LeMay Says:

    Love it! I can see her now… Levi calls it yougret too.:)And he thinks babies only come out of tummies too! Oh my!

  2. Julie Shaver Says:

    Owen calls it wahgurt; at least they’re all getting their calcium, right? And chocolate chip cookies must have some nutrition in them…. 🙂

  3. cobblestones Says:

    Oh, she really cracks me up! Will you ask her why the girls play volley ball in their bra and panties while the boys play volleyball fully clothed???

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