Two Top Ten Lists

I have two top ten lists:  Top Ten Great Things about Apartment Living and Top Ten GREAT Reasons to Move into a BRAND NEW HOUSE in a BRAND NEW NEIGHBORHOOD

Here we go. . .

Top Ten Great Things about Apartment Living

1.  You don’t have to cut the grass.

2.  Small spaces = less cleaning

3.  Small spaces = lower electric bills

4.  No water bill

5.  Decorations were as simple as EVERY art project done by my 4 and 5 year old, and nothing else (except for the Christmas cards that stayed up until July)

6.  There are always people around and you can sit outside while your kids do sidewalk chalk and say hello to many other people.  I love that!  AND the kids were exposed to different racial groups while living here.  And I am serious about this being such a great thing.  We had black neighbors, Hispanic neighbors and more.  And my kids never knew the difference.  I love that about kids.  They don’t see differences like adults do.  But I am glad that we all “lived here together” so that they could see everyone is the same and that all of our neighbors were so kind to my children!

7.  Being in an apartment forces you to be “close together” – bedrooms side by side, only a livingroom and dining room to be in, it’s a decent size apartment, but pretty small at the same time.

8.  Small refrigerator and small pantry = small grocery bills – just no where to put all the stuff – so how did I manage to gain weight while I lived here?   Oh, I know. . . because I was losing my mind and ate chocolate chips to soothe the insanity!

9.  Waiting at the glass door for daddy to come home – wouldn’t you love to drive up and come up the steps to two precious little girls hanging on the glass door to welcome you into the apartment building?  And then walk you down the hall until you reached “home”?  It was so sweet!

10.   God has a unique way of showing us things. . . who dreamed that apartment living could be so full of good life lessons for all of us!  God has taught me so much during the 10 months we have lived here.  Not all lessons from apartment living, but these walls have have heard me cry out to God so many times for so many reasons.  And I am forever grateful for all that God has been and is doing in my life to continue to draw me closer to him!

Okay. . . here’s the next list:


1.  It’s a new house. . . new appliances. . . new everything!

2.  The neighborhood ROCKS!  We have the greatest neighbors.

3.  Neighborhood Pool!

4.  There have been numerous neighborhood parties hosted by Creekside – pool parties galore and we even had an Easter Egg Hunt in the spring.  All of these have given us an opportunity to meet those people living around us – and it is a great way to meet your neighbors.  It kinda feels like the good ole days when people knew their neighbors, talked to them and even cooked out together.

5.  Everyone is new to the neighborhood, so we are all in the same boat

6.  This will sound funny to some, but we all have the same builder. . . none of the homes are custom homes. . . so there is no “whose house is nicer” feeling.  There were x number of homes to choose from and we all live in one of them. . . so no comparison about anything.  I really love that!!!  I already feel at home there and I haven’t even moved in yet.

7.  My kids will have a backyard again. . . to run and play.  And they will have their own rooms (which they have informed me that they will NOT be sleeping in a room by themselves.  They still want to sleep together, and we are perfectly fine with that.  I hope they always find that kind of comfort from one another)

8.  When one of the kids has a meltdown they can scream as loud as they want.  I can put them in their room and shut the door and not worry about the neighbors upstairs or on either side of the wall hearing them!  Whew!  That will be a relief, although now that we are about to move out, most of that has stopped.  Wouldn’t you know it.  But hey, that’s a good thing. . . I don’t like it when my kids meltdown!

9.  My kitchen is the best!  It is big and very spacious.  There are lots of cabinets and lots of counter-tops!  I bet I don’t even fill them all up!  But I love the kitchen. . . I love to cook and it just seems that so much of what happens in a house revolves around the kitchen.  Homework, meal time, chatting with company. . . and I am looking forward to YEARS with this kitchen!

10.  My final great reason for this great new house is to see how we can use it to bring God glory.  That may sound a little cliche’ or even cheesy, but you see, this house journey for us was such a God thing.  And God has been the one to work out so many details that only he could do.  We know that God has us in our new home for a great reason.  And we give him the glory for getting us in it!  We could not have done this by ourselves.  In fact, we weren’t even looking to do this when the opportunity came along.  And it has been a long journey (see #10 from the previous list). . . but God has used every part of it and I know he will continue to use this home as part of our lifelong journey.  This is where our girls will grow up and probably the home they will leave one day. . . okay, that made me teary, so I will stop there.  But I just want you to know how grateful I am for this new gift God has given us.  Not everyone gets a new gift like this.  And I also need to thank my hubby who works so hard to provide for us.  He is so excited about this house too.

Signing off for now. . . until my cable is hooked back up. . .


3 Responses to “Two Top Ten Lists”

  1. Susan Says:

    Amy, I love that you share your heart and you use everything to glorify God. I am so very excited for you guys.

  2. Karen Robinson & Dad Says:

    We are praising and thanking God with you!
    love, Karen and Dad

  3. Christian 1 Says:

    I love the Kids sleeping together. I pray my kids ALWAYS love each other that much too.

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