Apartment Days are Almost Over

Well, my friends. . . the days of living in an apartment are coming to an end.  Can I get a “Hallelujah” from the crowd!!??  It has been 10 long months and we are so excited about moving into our new house.  We made it official today as we closed on the house and got our keys.  Yippee.  We moved a few boxes and things into closets so we didn’t get in the painter’s way.  The house is being painted tonight and in the morning and then we will be moving in.  Well, most of our stuff anyway.  The POD won’t be there until Monday and that will be like Christmas!  Rick’s theory is that if we haven’t seen it and missed it for the past 10 months, we probably don’t need it.  My theory is. . . we do need it to fill the extra rooms that we haven’t had before.  And the girls have plenty of toys packed away. . . hmmmm – maybe I should hide some and just pull them out for Christmas – not a bad idea!

You would think that having 10 months to plan and “get it all together” I would be ready to move, know exactly how I am going to decorate, and would have been shopping for months in preparation for a new house.  Well, if you know me at all, you know I am too busy to think about all that stuff.  And you will also know that I am not really the decorator type. . . I like nice stuff, but don’t have an eye for it.  I just picked out my paint colors last week (which has stressed me out a bit) and I am nervous about walking in tomorrow and seeing how it looks.  The new house is such a gift for me.  New and spacious with plenty of room for our kids to grow up.  We will be there for a nice long while.  Unlike many of my friends who have moved “up” in house several times already. . . this is our “move up” and I am happy to stay here for years to come.  And I have all that time to make it look like I want it.  So don’t rush to judgement when you walk in the door.  We want to make our home a welcoming and inviting place for all who want to come in.  Stuff isn’t so important, so you won’t see lots of new furniture (except for my dining room) and it for sure won’t be decorated to the hilt.  I love walking in homes where everything is neat and tidy, and every nook and crannie is decorated with perfection. . . but that’s just not how we roll! I saw a sign in a lady’s house one day that said, “Please excuse the noise and mess, we are busy making memories!”  That needs to be my motto!  So, if I have to scoot over some laundry so you can sit on the couch, just know that you right at home!  And I’m just holding out hope that my mansion in heaven will be all decked out with decor’ galore so that I don’t have to worry so much about it here.  🙂

I have so many thoughts about the apartment life and moving to a new house. . . but no real time to blog about it right now.  If I can’t sleep tonight, I’ll get up and share them with you.  I’m sure you can’t wait!!  I have lots more packing to do before tomorrow.  I don’t like unpacking from a trip. . . I can’t imagine how long this unpacking is gonna take me. . . whew!  I am tired just thinking about it.

Oh, and on a separate note. . . my phone number will be changing. . . which can I tell you, just about made me break down in tears.  I begged the company to let me keep my old number. . . it just feels like part of me.  But no such luck.  Remember how I told you change is so hard for me. . . well, here we go!!


One Response to “Apartment Days are Almost Over”

  1. Saundra Says:

    Ok, when can I come over? Just kidding. I know that I always feel a little uneasy & maybe a bit inadequate when I walk into a house that is perfectly kept. I know that my house definitely does not look like that. Someone described my house as “lived in.” Hmmm, is that a good thing or a bad thing? Have fun unpacking everything. I know you will love having more space!

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