A Day for PRAISE!

Today (Saturday) has been a day of PRAISE!  So many good things. . . all from God.

First, I received a text and picture message from Danielle this morning telling me that her dad “loves his new lungs!”  (which is what Ava Jane had been praying for) The picture showed Don smiling and NOT on a ventilator.  He does have a trach, but hopefully that will be temporary.  Praise the Lord!

Second, I have been following the blog for precious Macy Li.  The Kemps are currently in China doing what must be done to bring her home.  She is adjusting so well with her new family and will be coming to the States in a few short days.  She will get to meet her other two brothers who will, no doubt, continue to spoil her rotten.  Amen for adoption and the beautiful picture it shows of God adopting us into his family!

And lastly, we went to the 2nd birthday celebration for Erik Jackson this afternoon.  He is a miracle in the flesh.  After drowning and being resuscitated several times, he is literally “back to life”!!  I was amazed and in awe as I watched him run and laugh and even go down the water slide today.  I remember so vividly sitting at the hospital with the family the night of the accident.  His mom kept telling me that all she knew was “my baby has brain damage and he can’t be fixed.”  I remember leaving the hospital thinking it was just a matter of time before he would pass.  Boy did God have other plans for that sweet boy!  Can I get a Hallelujah??  I was in tears the day of the accident and in tears as we drove up the party thinking of all God has done in the life of the Jackson family.  Thank you Jesus that you can turn tears of sadness into tears of joy!

Praise the Lord for all he has done and will continue to do!


3 Responses to “A Day for PRAISE!”

  1. Amy Lafayette Says:

    I just listened to a wonderful new song called HEALER by Hillsong. You can hear it at: http://healer.integritymusic.com/
    Thanks to Pete Wilson for posting about it at: http://withoutwax.tv/2008/07/27/healer/

  2. Pete Wilson Says:

    God is so amazing isn’t he?

    Love what you’re doing here! Keep up the great work.

  3. camommy2kj Says:

    I have been following Erik’s page since the accident. I’m so glad you got to be with them for his birthday. What a wonderful day!

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