Miss Manipulation

Yesterday we went to the pool in the late afternoon. My accountability partner and I decided to hang out and hold each other accountable by the pool so the kids could play! It was a HOT day. . . but the kids had a blast. We were getting ready to go and I had just seen all three of our kids go down the slide together. . . we kept talking. . . and then we started to yell for them to go ahead and get out to dry off. That is when I didn’t see Ava Jane. No big surprise – she lives in her own world and does her own thing. But as I looked everywhere, still no sight of her. And as you would probably do at the pool, I started to panic, just a little. The other moms were searching the pool for her and I suddenly thought to go look in the bathroom. As I got close to the bathroom I could hear insane screaming – AVA JANE! I ran inside and bless her little heart, she was sort of stuck in the big stall. SCREAMING for her momma! I beat on the door and assured her that I was right there. We got the door open and there she stood with her sopping wet bathing suit half on, half off. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Through her sobs she said, “I can’t get my bathing suit back on. I had to potty and I can’t get it back on.” Oh my poor baby girl. I yanked it up and then scooped her up into my arms. She was pititful. I apologized over and over through her heaves and sobs. As I came out of the bathroom, you could see the relief on all the other mommy faces! Whew! She was just in the bathroom.

Okay. . . so I told her repeatedly that she HAS to tell me when she goes to the bathroom so that mommy will know where she is. . . “yes ma’am” she said, still sniffling. I held her tight until we were ready to go. By then, she was over it and we were all good. Hallelujah! But what would she tell daddy? I better talk to him first.

When we got home I gave Ava Jane a quick shower. I wrapped her hair in a hair towel like mine and well, she looked like a mini clone of me! Imagine that! We were all getting dressed and I was getting ready to make dinner when Ava Jane walked in and asked to watch a movie. “No, Ava Jane. We are not turning on the TV right now. You may go play while mommy cooks dinner.” Here was her response (with a pitiful look on her sweet chubby little face).

“But mommy, I was trapped in the bathroom for hours and hours and I NEEEEED to watch a movie. I was so sad and this will make me happy.” (little grin appears on her once pitifully sad little face) ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Did my child just use the word “trapped” and say “for hours and hours” and did she tell me that her sadness would be made glad with a movie???? SHE IS FOUR YEARS OLD!!! Where does she learn this stuff?

With my sweetest mommy smile, I told her she was not trapped, just stuck! And not for hours and hours, for maybe 3-4 minutes! And that she was just fine and movies don’t change our feelings, we do! Then she rumpled her forehead and gave me that pouty look, and I started laughing and then she couldn’t help but laugh too! Can you say MANIPULATIVE?? Oh my. . . what are the next 14 years of my life going to look like??? Someone pray for me, please!!!!


5 Responses to “Miss Manipulation”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I have a feeling I have many years of this coming….ahh, the joys of being a mom of girls.

  2. Suzanne Says:

    That is so great. I can see her now standing there telling you that. She is such a hoot. I love my sweet Ava Jane. She makes me laugh.

  3. cobblestones Says:

    Oh, I LIKE Ava Jane. We could be close friends 🙂

  4. Julie Shaver Says:

    Too funny!!!! I wonder if I’m gonna miss out on that having only boys?! 🙂

  5. tracybrothers Says:

    I love it! I can so relate. As soon as Charlie can articulate it, she’ll be manipulating. Anyone who thinks we aren’t born in sin either doesn’t have children or forgot what preschoolers are like. We don’t have to teach them this stuff. They are born with it!

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