Wrapping Up the Weekend

The time is drawing near for us to move. As a matter of fact, our closing date is less than two weeks away. And I have soooo much to do. We have had an extremely busy week and weekend.

Friday I took the girls to the Adventure Science Center. Whew! It was insanity. I had no idea I would have to wait in line for 45 minutes just to get in! The kids had a blast. They didn’t get that they were suppose to be learning anything and anytime I tried to explain what something was or how it worked, they ignored me and ran on to the next fun thing. Oh well. They had a good time. Shortly before we left, I literally ran into a friend and roommate from college, Becky. She and her daughter were in town for a wedding and came for a few hours to play at the science center. We spent about 45 minutes catching up while the girls played. It was a fun surprise for both of us! I wish we had more time, but we had to zip to the doctor to check on Addison’s eye. (See a couple of posts back.) The eye is fine – Praise the Lord!

Friday night I spent with a young girl who is pregnant and considering adoption. It was a night loaded with tears, fears and lots of information. I am praying that she makes good choices during her pregnancy. It was a God-ordained meeting and once again, I was grateful to hear God speak in His still small voice.

Saturday I had to set the alarm to wake up since my kids had been sleeping so late. We had a t-ball game and pictures. And I had to bring snacks and drinks for after the game. We left the house at 8:15 a.m.!! It was about a million degrees outside, but the game and the pictures were great. Addison was on the pitcher’s mound and loved it. Ava Jane continued to stay in her own world playing in the dirt. Grandmommy and Granddaddy were there (Rick’s parents) and the girls love it when they come to watch them play. OH – and they were celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary!!! Happy Anniversary to the Lafayettes!!! What a milestone.

We had already decided that after the game we were coming home for showers and to stay inside and be cool. The girls needed to nap since they were exhausted from the week. We ALL enjoyed a little snooze time on Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening we headed to the new elementary school where Addison will start kindergarten in a few weeks. We went in the building for a tour and Addison promptly said, “I don’t like this school. I am NOT going to come here. I am NOT going to kindergarten.” Okay, then. . . as soon as the tour started and she found a friend she knew she changed her mind. . . well, momentarily changed her mind. . . the school is incredible. There were several K classes already set up and she got to go in and look around. She was impressed. . . they do look awfully fun! We got sucked into buying school t-shirts for the girls and a magnet for my car. I guess we have entered the world of school spirit and PTO madness!! I suppose this is where it all starts. . . “Mom, I need money for. . . and more money for. . . and still more money for. . . ” If only our money flowed that freely. I have a feeling this is going to be the real beginning of “Honey, we don’t get to do EVERYTHING that all your friends do. . . have what they have. . . go where they go. . . ” Boy, do I sound like my parents!!! Gotta love that!

Since we were sweating to death, we decided to forgo the PTO hamburgers and chips and go to Chili’s instead. Much cooler and tastier! And then we went to the gas station to get icee’s for the girls (since the snow cone machine wasn’t working at the school event and they were literally “melting down” for one). Then it was home for yet another shower because of all the heat and sweat. And off to bed for a good night’s rest.

Sunday was church. I helped lead worship with the preschoolers in TreeHollow and LOVED it! It was so much fun. The service was great. We had a great sermon from Romans 9. It was very challenging and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sunday afternoon was nap time for everyone but mom. I went to a baby shower in our old neighborhood for a boy and his girlfriend that used to live down the street. They are only 18 and 19 years old. It was a fun time to see old neighbors. I had a fabulous conversation with the mother of this pregnant teenage girl. The girl comes from a very conservative Christian family. She is an example of a teenager who made a mistake and is now suffering the obvious consequences. Life will be hard for these two young people, but they are making great strides to do the right thing. They are taking pre-natal classes at the Crisis Pregnancy Center and are also in a series of pre-marital classes at church. They plan to get married after the baby arrives. I am proud of them for working hard and bring proactive at being good parents and having a good marriage. They came over to see our apartment after the shower (because they will be getting an apt. here once they are married). I had a great conversation with her about being a mom, shared a little “mommy wisdom”, talked to her about setting up her home, etc. . . Rick was only here for a little of their visit, but I am hoping that he will be able to spend some time with this young man. After all, we have known this little guy since he was 10 and he always loved to hang out with Rick in the garage or in the yard talking. Isn’t it neat to see how God has purposed certain relationships in our lives and where those relationships lead? Had we not had such a good relationship with this young man, we would not have the opportunity to speak into their lives at this very crucial time. I am praying that God will continue to show us how we can be part of their lives.

Sunday night Rick went to ride his motorcycle and I took the girls to the Creekside pool. I saw some old friends, the Broanders, celebrating a birthday at the pool. Shout out to Laura – who reads my blog!! It was so good to see you and your family today!! I also met a new neighbor who is new to Hendersonville. I love meeting new people. . . and she even introduced herself to me. Her husband is doing an orthodontic residency at Vanderbilt – didn’t even know they did that here??!! And apparently you can get your braces there from dental students (all are dentists) who are specializing in orthodontics. Good to know. I love knowing what people do. . . never know when you might need one of their services!  And then I asked her what she did. . . wouldn’t you know it???  She is a fitness instructor. . . and she certifies people to be personal trainers, and she certifies people to teach fitness classes!!  Here I am. . . chunky monkey me. . . at the pool talking to my new friend, the FITNESS INSTRUCTOR – talk about maybe one day needing someone’s services!  I wondered if she would voluntarily ask if she could help me get fit.  But she was kind and didn’t mention it.  I was glad.  Oh, did I mention that I have NOT been to work out since the first week of June. . . getting up at 4:30 am to workout at 5 am just didn’t seem right when I had NO WHERE TO BE the entire rest of the day.  So, I just quit going for now.  Ugghh!  And now my new neighbor is a dang fitness instructor!  Go figure.  Maybe I will ask her to be my personal trainer one day soon.  Whatever. . . I am going to eat some ice cream.  🙂

Well, that is the end to our very busy weekend. We had some fun stuff and some heavy stuff. And I am grateful for it all. Please pray for my friends who are right now in China picking up their baby girl!! You can read about them here. And pray for Don, who is having a few setbacks from his double lung transplant. You can read about him here. And finally, you can pray for us as we prepare to move and for my sweet Addison who will be starting K in just three short weeks. Change is hard for her and even harder for her mommy. I’m sure I will have lots to write about in the weeks to come. Ta ta for now!


5 Responses to “Wrapping Up the Weekend”

  1. Suzanne #2 :) Says:

    Hey Amy!! I thought I would comment on your blog since I totally check it all the time to keep up with your life and what is going on! I love it! I thought I would also tell you that yes it is very true that you will be handing over more money than you ever dreamed at Addison’s school–I mean the first year I just couldn’t believe it! Anyways we are praying for Don and Rhonda continually, hope I get to see you soon. I can’t wait to see the new house, very exciting!!

  2. Susan Says:

    How funny, Amy. We took the boys to the gas station for icees because they wanted a snow cone from the Station Camp thing too! Love reading your weekend recaps.

  3. Ashley Says:

    Great recap! I want to come see your house when you get all moved in!

  4. Pam Melang Says:

    Amy – Love your website! Thanks for sharing so much. I would like to talk with you. Please give ma a call when you get a chance. Thanks so much!


  5. Laura Says:

    Thanks for the shout out 🙂 Can’t wait to see you again when I’m at Ashley’s

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