The Shack – Why It was Written

I saw this post on my friend, Laura’s site, yesterday and I had to share this link with you. It is Paul Young, author of The Shack, sharing at a church in Atlanta. . . sort of an interview type setting, but mostly him talking. He tells his personal story and how the book came to be. It is INCREDIBLE!! I loved The Shack when I read it. I know lots of other people who loved it, also. But I know some people who would not read it – too much controversy – hearing that it was filled with heresy, bad theology, etc. That tickled me. The book is a FICTIONAL book. And the writer, as you will see and hear, wrote the book for his six children and the rest just happened. I won’t go into too much, b/c it is better if you can watch it for yourself. The discussion is a little lengthy. . . so if you can do dishes or laundry while you listen, you won’t feel so guilty for spending the time to do so! But if you have ever been skeptical of the book, what it is about, or if you loved it like I did, you NEED to listen to this! It will bless you to hear how God works in the lives of those he loves!

Click here to watch the interview.


3 Responses to “The Shack – Why It was Written”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Cool, thanks for posting this.

  2. Amy Lafayette Says:

    Oh, and I probably should add that I do not believe that everything in the book lines up with scripture or is even true. But that is why I mentioned that it is FICTIONAL! And I read it like a fictional novel that was a good read and actually challenged me! Okay. . . just so I don’t feel like everyone out there is being all judgemental and questioning my salvation b/c I said I loved this book. 🙂

  3. Jennifer Williams Says:

    Hey Amy!
    I can’t wait to watch that…I read The Shack about 3 mos ago and absolutely LOVED it! We have passed it all around here at work , and they in turn have passed it on to their family and friends. I so enjoy reading your posts…so excited about your big move! Let us know if you guys need any help with anything. Also, Julie and I are doing a Just Ducky kids clothes show at her house on Saturday, Aug. 9th from 10 to 1. Check out their website, for the fall line and send me your adress if you want a catalog. It is such a great line because you can totally customize…any style dress, skirt, jumper, etc. can be made in any fabric with whatever trim, button color, etc. that you choose., It is really good quality and very cute. Let me know if you are interested and we will send you directions to Julie’s house in Mt. Juliet. Tell your friends they are welcome also. Take care. The girsl pics are too cute. I will learn from your t-ball experience! Ha Ha.


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