Simple Woman’s Daybook – July 14

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for all the links entered in this week’s Daybook

FOR TODAY… July 14

Outside My Window…  I see a messy patio and the trees blowing in the wind

I am thinking…  about what time I need to start dinner and how I am going to get all the laundry folded before then

I am thankful for…  beautiful sunny days with a breeze

From the kitchen…  there will probably be taco salad, mexican rice and refried beans for dinner, but the meat has to thaw first!

I am wearing…  black shorts and a yellow shirt and my hair is wrapped up in my hair towel . . . I have on no makeup and I love that!

I am creating…  a new place that we will soon call home. . . and in the midst of picking paint colors

I am going…  to fold laundry and finish listening to a talk by William P. Young, author of “The Shack” – I may blog about it later and leave you a link

I am reading…  Unveiled. . . A Lineage of Grace  by Francine Rivers

I am hoping…  that my girls will still go to bed tonight after taking a nap later than normal today

I am hearing…  towels tumbling in the dryer and nothing else. . . ahhh. . . peaceful

Around the house… we have LOTS to pack, but where will I put all those boxes?

One of my favorite things…  is that I was able to have a great heart to heart talk with a young lady about her future and possible plans for marriage

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:  a T-ball game tomorrow night, dentist appointment for the girls and a book club with two of the girls I used to disciple when they were in high school – we all are reading Unveiled (a story about Tamar) while they are home for summer break!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing… My girls love to swim!


3 Responses to “Simple Woman’s Daybook – July 14”

  1. Michele @ Frugal Granola Says:

    I like Francine Rivers’ books, too, although I haven’t read any in quite awhile.
    What a cute photo! 🙂


  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Sounds like a busy week! How gracious that you make time for others during the business of a move. Your daughters are gorgeous!

  3. Steve Robinson Says:

    I’m always blessed (sometimes to tears) upon reading your blogs, Ames. You are a gifted writer. After reading this one, I was thinking how the Lord has been so faithful to answer those early prayers that Mom and I (and later you) prayed: “… Lord help me be a wise, wise daughter and use me in a special way when I grow up …”.

    You are a wise woman and HE is certainly using you in ways you don’t even know. I’m sure proud of you, Honey. Ole Dad sure loves you.

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