Could It Be a Little Hotter, Please?

Saturday was our first t-ball game. Yowsers! What mother signs her kids up for t-ball (which they have never played before) in the MIDDLE OF JULY? Oh, I know who – ME! I should have known there was a catch to the inexpensive $25 fee for this little six week adventure. And being the bargain shopper I am, that is exactly why I signed the girls up – it was so inexpensive! I figured it was a good way to see if we really liked it. And for $25 we get a hat, jersey (t-shirt) and trophy at the end. Well, my friends, today this momma realized that the bargain price was for a reason!

As soon as we walked outside to get in the car, I took the lens cap off the camera to take a picture of the girls before our first real t-ball game. They looked adorable. The lens immediately fogged up from the EXTREME heat and humidity. No pictures right now. I should have known as we got to the ball park and there was no one else on ANY of the fields, that the reason the fields are available now is because REAL baseball and softball players know that you don’t play during the absolute hottest time of the summer. It didn’t take long for the sweat to start pouring. Not just from me, from everyone! Some of the coaches looked like they had soaked their t-shirt in water before putting it on. My sweet niece had a little sunhat on to protect her face from the sun. . . when they took it off her precious head was soaking wet! Okay, enough complaining about the heat. I am just not a trooper about these things. I asked if we could take a group picture, give out trophies and call it a season TODAY! Everyone laughed, though I think some agreed that might be a good idea! 🙂

The girls did a great job. Ava Jane really enjoyed playing in the dirt.

Ava is such the performer. When she went up to bat everyone was cheering for her (like we did for every child) and she just turned and looked at the crowd and smiled. I could see that she was really contemplating taking a bow or doing a curtsy as she constantly does around the house. Then she realized she had to hit the ball and run. After she hit her first ball, she proceeded to chase the ball instead of run to first base. When she finally ran home and everyone cheered, again she looked at all of us and just smiled. . . and I know the child wanted to take a bow and say, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Addison is so the oldest child. She was paying attention and even asking Coach Josh where she was suppose to be. She kept her eye on the ball and I even heard her yell at Ava Jane, “AVA – watch the ball.” She hit and ran fast. And even though she was hot, she told us at the end of the game how much fun she had and that she wanted to play some more. . . just “not in the middle of the day”!

The kids were thrilled because grandmommy and granddaddy came to watch, along with Uncle Ryan, Aunt Lori and baby Anna Laine. They were especially excited that their cousin, Anna Laine, was there to see them. It was an unexpected surprise. We were really proud of them and are already praying for a touch less heat for our Tuesday night game. Go A’s!!


2 Responses to “Could It Be a Little Hotter, Please?”

  1. Mandy LeMay Says:

    Hot? Can you say sweltering? Oh my goodness- I had the same thoughts as you as to why we were making ourselves suffer through the heat for some T-Ball. BUT it was so CUTE and I really think all the kids had so much fun. Josh said our team out-hit the Cubbies by a long shot! He was just having a proud moment. All in all though- thankfully next game will be night AND I think we are to enjoy less humidity at least until the weekend. Your girls looked precious, as always.

  2. Angel Says:

    Amy- the girls look cute. They look like they are having fun!
    What fun memories!

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