Girls and Bikes

Tonight after dinner the girls wanted to ride their bikes around the apartment complex.  Rick and I walked while they rode.  It is so funny how certain personality traits can come out while doing the most random things, like riding a bike.

Addison is my oldest child, cautious, rule-follower, perfectionist.  A typical first born!  Except when it comes to riding  just about anything.  She loves riding her bike (with training wheels of course) very fast, through big puddles and has even attempted standing up at times.  Tonight her daddy thought it would be fun to teach her how to do a wheelie.  She didn’t need a lot of convincing.  As soon as he told her how to pull up on the handle bars and lean back, she was trying it.  Not good for this momma’s nerves.  I am probably too cautious about these things.  She is popping the wheel up (maybe 2 inches off the ground) and Rick is really cheering her on!  UNTIL. . . she pops the wheel and the bike flips and she lands on her back!!  Rick tries to tell her to shake it off. . . she is crying.  He picks her up and comforts her while I am giving him “the look” for even beginning to teach her how to do this anyway.  I dried her tears, hugged her, made sure her back wasn’t BROKEN and then she scurried down out of my arms and back onto the bike.  Unbelievable!  Daddy clapped and cheered her on while I stood back and realized that she would be my child who may be a risk-taker in some areas that make me reeeaaalllly nervous.  She is her daddy’s child for sure!

And then there is Ava.  The youngest, lives-in-her-own-world, plays by her own rules, would rather suffer the consequence so that she can experience something new – child!  EXCEPT when it comes to riding bikes or anything else.  She won’t ride her bike over a bump.  She stops, picks it up and moves it over a bump, and then continues riding.  She would prefer to ride in the passenger seat of the power wheels jeep while Addison drives like a maniac.  And then when Addison gets too wild, she asks to get out and refuses to ride anymore at all.  On our recent road trip, she dropped something and couldn’t reach to get it.  I couldn’t reach it while I was driving, so I told her to unbuckle for a minute and get it, then buckle back up.  She started crying and saying she didn’t want to unbuckle – it wasn’t safe.  Are you serious?  My four year old is refusing to unbuckle for safety reasons!!!  I laughed outloud, told her I was driving very safely and to get the toy.  She obeyed and then promptly buckled, cried and told me, “I didn’t like having to do that.  It wasn’t very safe for me to unbuckle, mom!!”  You have to be kidding, right?  Oh, but I am not!

How can these girls with such distinct personalities, differ so much on something like riding a bike, a power wheel jeep or even in the car??  It makes no sense to me.  But it definitely keeps me hopping and praying and praying some more.  I can’t imagine what the next 15+ years will bring!  But it is bound to be full of all kinds of unexpected surprises. . . though hopefully not a  broken back.


2 Responses to “Girls and Bikes”

  1. Your Hubby Says:

    watch out X-Games! Addison has skills.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    It’s so fun when you really start to see their personalities coming out. That’s why I love this whole age range.

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