Grandparents are Grand!

I am so thankful for my grandparents.  I am very blessed to still have one set of grandparents that are living.  My dad’s mom passed away just about a year ago at the age of 98!  She lived a long and wonderful life.  My mom’s parents are still living and I just had the best visit with them over the weekend.  The girls and I are on a little whirlwind trip visiting family.  We left Saturday after t-ball practice and went to Knoxville to see my grandparents.  They are 81 and happy and pretty healthy.  I have sooo many wonderful memories at their house. 

First, whenever we would go to visit, we all (my sisters and I) fought over who got to sit behind dad driving, because that person was the first one out of the car and into the house to give hugs and kisses.  Then there was my grandmother’s kitchen. . .always full of the most wonderful food.  A million desserts, a well stocked pantry and oodles of homecooked meats and veggies for dinner.  As a little girl, we did not have cable, but my grandparents did, and so I remember getting up and getting to watch Bozo the Clown on WGN.  It was wonderful.  My favorite game was tossing the ball in the six buckets.  I used to dream about being on that show and winning some fabulous prize.  Anyway. . .

And the basement at the house was to die for. . . stuff everywhere. . . arts and crafts, games, dolls, sewing stuff, and lots of junk that I just liked to look through.  It is the SAME way now as it was then.  On Saturday night I found myself perusing through the basement looking for some kind of treasure.  My girls were already in heaven, playing with the dollhouse and the endless “old” barbie dolls.  I looked in the top of a closet and found some old games that we used to play and I immediately flashed back to being 8 or 9 years old.  I took Husker Du and Booby Trap down from the top shelf and introduced them to my girls.  The dates on the game boxes were 1965 and 1970.  And they were GREAT games.  My girls had a ball playing both of them.  I wish there were some great games like in the good ol days! 🙂 

My grandparents thorougly enjoyed watching my girls play.  It is rare for such little ones to be in the house anymore. . . the grandkids are all grown and spread out with the great-grandkids. . . so I am sure that my grandparents loved every second of our visit.  Ava Jane sang endless songs standing on the hearth of the fireplace (which made grandmother a nervous wreck).  She completed each song with a “thank you” bow and curtsey.  My grandmother cooked a delicious dinner on Saturday night and made us breakfast on Sunday morning.  When I finally got the girls settled in bed I enjoyed sitting in the den and just talking about so many things with them. . . catching up on some of the families that I remembered from their church when I was growing up and would visit. . . finding out what they do all day every day. . . and talking about my life with Rick and the girls.  It was such sweet time. 

When I was in college at UT, my grandmother made lunch every Sunday after church for me and my friends.  She ALWAYS made Sunday lunch and there was an open invitation to bring anyone over to eat.  I went to a different church than they did, but they always waited on me to arrive before eating.  Sometimes I went alone, but mostly I brought along a hungry friend or two or ten!  I always went back to my dorm room with several containers of leftovers.  My grandmother wanted to make sure I had something good to eat to start the week with!  So sweet.  And she insisted on doing my laundry ALL through college.  I would bring it on Sunday and she would either bring it to me or I would pick it up on Monday. . . all neatly folded OR ironed.  I was really spoiled.  No money or time spent downstairs in the dorm laundry room.  What a great blessing!  I’m sure my grandparents were sad when my sister and I graduated from college and moved away. . . for 6 years they were able to see us ALOT!!  And we both loved it!  Even though my grandmother made me call her as soon as I got back to the dorm so she would know I was safe and no one “snatched” me.  I mean, EVERYTIME I left her house and returned to campus I had to call. . . but again, what a treasure (that I realize now)! 

So, though our time at their house was short, it was priceless and so well worth it.  They are getting older and I know that someday they will not be with me.  So I want to soak them up whenever I get the chance.  And I want my girls to know them and love them.  When I get back home to my computer I will add some pics from their house. 

And my weekend update will be more like an overall trip update since we have been to Knoxville, Spartanburg, SC and now are in Sevierville.  I’ll be home soon with more stories and pictures! 


5 Responses to “Grandparents are Grand!”

  1. Steve Robinson Says:

    Ames, I teared up as I read all this … you’re right … they were such great memories … they were wonderful “2nd parents” for me … for sure, we were blessed to have them. I love you. Dad

  2. antonia Says:

    Your sweet grandparents! I had forgotten that she did all your laundry. I’m jealous all over again 🙂 I’m glad I can picture exactly where you are talking about…and I even have her Sundae Glasses still that you gave me in college…if you’ve changed your mind…you can have them back 🙂

  3. montee Says:

    I miss my grandparents so much! I tell my children stories about them and wish they could have known them. We will all be together someday!

    I watched Bozo too and I am with you on the Bucket Game, my favorite!

  4. montee Says:

    Amy, it is weird that you posted about Bozo because I just read in the paper that he passed away yesterday from congestive heart failure. He was 83. I think there is still a Bozo show but he was the original.

  5. jamieblackwell Says:

    OK, I seriously need to go get a tissue. How blessed you are to have them. All I kept thinking was, “I want to be that kind of grandparent”. Thanks for sharing those precious memories.

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