Let’s Play Ball – Girlie Girl Style

Oh, you read the title correctly, my girls are playing ball. Well, t-ball that is! We signed them up through the parks department for a short 6 weeks of summer t-ball because it was inexpensive and not a long commitment. We thought this might be a good testing ground for this sport and others before we invest too much time and money. The “league” is for 4-5 year olds, so they both play together on the same team. They have been so excited even though they really don’t know too much about playing ball. Here they are before we left for the first practice.

Yes. . . they have hot pink ball gloves and bows in their hair! You didn’t think I would let them on that field looking like anything other than the girlie girls that they are, did you? But here is the best part (that I had nothing to do with). . .

Oh yes! Ruffle socks. I told the girls to go get some socks to wear with their tennis shoes and they both came out with the little white ruffle socks they wear to church in springtime. Have I trained these kids or what? I laughed so hard and let them keep them on! Now don’t laugh at our shoes. . . in the summer the only shoes we wear are sandals, crocs and flip-flops. Addison’s shoes are from school last year and Ava Jane had to go with the hot pink shoes b/c her white tennis shoes didn’t fit. And yes, these are tennis shoes. . . there is no way I was going out to buy some new shoes that will just be worn for six weeks for ball and will get extremely dirty. So for now, this is what we’ve got!

On the way to practice they both informed me that they already knew how to play ball. Interesting, since this is our first ball practice – EVER! So, I gave them the “listen to your coach – do what he says – don’t play in the dirt too much – and have a GREAT time” speech. They promptly replied with, “yes ma’am” in unison. So sweet. I didn’t realize it until after practice, but they neither one wanted to eat the mac and cheese (a favorite) that I fixed them before practice. They both said that their tummy hurt. Now I realize it was butterflies!!! Awww! I remember the first time I had butterflies before swim practice-my babies were nervous. Anyway. . . as we turned on the road to the park Addison said, “Mom, I have two things to say. First, you are going way too fast on this road,” to which Ava Jane chimed in, “and you will WIN a ticket from the policeman if you go to fast, mommy.” Did I hear her say WIN a ticket???   “And the second thing, mom,” Addison continued, “I am REALLY excited about playing ball!” I slowed down and realized that this was going to be a great night.

Notice that the bows have been replaced by hats. That is fine. We will be getting some bows to match our hats and game shirts – they can wear hats with a ponytail and a bow in the back. We will work in the bow somehow!! Here they are listening to Coach Josh.

Here are a couple of shots of the girls in action. Ava Jane is taking a practice swing.

and Addison is running the bases.

This little team is great because we know several of the kids on the team from church. That always making ball more fun. We have other friends on other teams that we will get to play, so it will be a big party on the field each and every week. This is what Ava Jane had the most fun doing. . .

Playing in the dirt! Doesn’t every little girl dream of it? Ava Jane does. She is a mess maker! By the time we left the ball park, her glove and hat were covered in dirt. Good thing I put them in play clothes. I do know that much about playing ball. No need to wear Kelly’s Kids and Chez Ami to the ballpark. Target play clothes work best. Well, it was one fun night for Addison and Ava Jane. We practice twice a week until games start and then we have 3 weeks of games (twice a week). That should be a hoot! You will have to check back – at least to see how cute my kids look on the field!


3 Responses to “Let’s Play Ball – Girlie Girl Style”

  1. Rachel Says:

    The boy moms on my team made fun of me because Elizabeth had a bow tied in her ponytail. I told them that just before we left the house, I panicked and thought to myself “I know those dang Lafayette girls will have a bow, I’d better get one too!” And they did!! Whew, glad I thought of that! 🙂

  2. jamieblackwell Says:

    Too cute! I’m glad that it was great!

  3. Susan Says:

    Aww- too cute! Love the pink ball gloves.

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