Meet Macy Li Kemp

Check out my friend Rhonda’s blog about the baby girl they are adopting from China.  They just received their referral and saw her picture for the first time.

Have you ever thought of adopting?  If so, are you thinking domestic (American) or international?  If international, what country would you want to adopt from?


3 Responses to “Meet Macy Li Kemp”

  1. Brea Says:

    Thanks for posting that link…it was really awesome to see their little girl. We have friends waiting on their referral from China and I can’t wait until they get their packet.

    We prayed about adopting from the time we were married 11 years ago, but just left it up to God as to when and where from. When we started the process last year, we were shocked to find out how many kids in the US need homes. Yes, the wait is long if you are waiting on the healthy, white child, but the wait is short if you are open to race/health issues. We brought Mary Elizabeth home after waiting only 3 months post approval!

    THANKS for your posting and raising awareness. If only 7% of Christians adopted, there would be no orphans. Amazing huh?

  2. Ellen Grant Says:

    How awesome! I’ve had lots of friends adopt in the past few years, and it is such a blessing. I would love to adopt someday!
    Hope you’re having a fun summer, Amy!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    If we get to a point when God is leading us to expand our family we will most definitely adopt. We will probably do domestic, but we are open to all races. I think it’s such a beautiful experience that I have seen my brother go through (international, though) and we will not be able to have another biologically. But, we have always said we wanted to adopt since before Gavin.

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