Happy Birthday Rick!

Today is my husband’s 35th Birthday!  In honor of the occasion, here are 35 things I love about Rick :

1)  He is incredibly handsome.

2)  He works so hard (without complaining) to provide for our family.

3)  He wants me at home with our girls.

4)  He doesn’t care if I don’t cook dinner.

5)  If he sees that laundry needs to be folded, he does it.

6)  He irons his own clothes. (This is a lesson he learned from his high school job working in the Men’s Department at Uptons.  He had to wear dress pants and a tie to work everyday.)

7)  He washes my car for me and changes the oil.

8)  He supported me while I poured my life into MOPS for three years.

9)  He is super adventurous.

10)  He loves Addison and Ava Jane insanely!

11)  He kisses me when he walks in the door before he kisses the girls.

12)  If I go out to run errands, when I come home he has usually cleaned up around the house just so I can relax and not have to do it!

13)  He still asks me out and plans date nights for us.

14)  He remembers our first date.

15)  He leads our family spiritually.

16)  He loves Jesus and is so grateful for God’s saving grace in his life.  (He has a great testimony. . . you should ask him about it.)

17)  He handles girl drama very well.

18)  He loves my mom.

19)  He loves his mom.

20)  He speaks kindly to me and doesn’t ever raise his voice.

21)  He is a risk taker.

22)  He isn’t into all the “typical” guy things like golf or playing church basketball and softball, instead he loves to ride motorcycles and dirt-bikes, wake-board, snowboard and watch UFC fights!

23)  He doesn’t care what people think.

24)  He has a fantastic personality!

25)  He loves people.

26)  He thinks before he speaks.

27)  He knows how to include people and make them feel special.

28)  He talks to God in a most sincere way.

29)  He keeps the past in the past and never uses it against me.

30)  He encourages me to take risks.

31)  He is very genuine and real.

32)  He prays for me about things I haven’t even asked him to pray for.

33)  He compliments me.

34)  He will let me buy anything I want at anytime!  (Good thing I am the saver in the family, huh?)

35)  He always tell me and the girls how much he loves us.  And his actions prove his words right!

Babe, I love you more than you know.  You are a fabulous husband and an extraordinary dad.  I hope you have a terrific birthday!


10 Responses to “Happy Birthday Rick!”

  1. Your Hubby Says:

    Thanks Honey. I love you very much and appreciate the kind words. One thing to remember……it IS my birthday and I AM the spender!!!!

  2. Steve Robinson Says:

    Hey Ames … you are indeed blessed to have Rick. I’m thankful to have him as a “son” … and He is blessed to have you too ! Writing from FCA Camp in Black Mtn … don’t we have alot of good there ?!!!

    I love you, Dad

  3. Amy Lafayette Says:

    Yes, Rick. It is YOUR birthday and YOU are the spender. . . You get to make a HUGE purchase next month when we BUY OUR HOUSE!!! 🙂

  4. Sarah Underhill Says:

    And he very patiently listens to calf injury stories and makes great doc recommendations! He’s a great guy – and a lucky guy to have you too! 🙂

  5. Amy Lafayette Says:

    Thanks, Sarah!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    Sounds like you got a winner. I always like to see a married couple so in love with each other instead of always complaing and being complacent. Happy Birthday, Rick. Even though I don’t know you. 🙂

  7. waters71 Says:

    Sweet post Amy. 🙂

  8. susan a j Says:

    Hey, I didn’t remember that Will was born on Rick’s birthday. How fun! Happy late Birthday Rick. And Amy, thanks for helping us all to be a little more mindful of the positive and appreciative of our spouses. Love you both and am so glad the LONG road was part of God’s amazing plan.

  9. Amy Lafayette Says:

    Oh, I am so glad the LONG road was part of God’s plan too. That’s a whole blog post itself that maybe I will write about one day. Thanks for your comment, Susan!

  10. Amy Hutson Says:

    Amy, that was a wonderful post. Seeing how happy you two are gives me hope that I WILL find “my Rick” someday!

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