How do you make clay?

My kids have spent quite a bit of time today on our patio “making clay.”  They claim their friend gave them a recipe of chalk dust, water and sugar.  Okay.  I refused to give any sugar this morning.  But after they were covered in chalk dust this afternoon and had spent lots of time grinding down the chalk with their little fingers on the concrete and mixing it with water – I gave in and gave them about 1/3 cup sugar.  Oh, they were thrilled.  They each had their own concoction going on.   Addison put hers in the fridge and Ava Jane asked to use the microwave.  Hold on, sister.  No one is cooking chalk dust in my microwave.  Here are some pics of them on the apartment patio in action.

And here is a picture of what our patio looks like from the back of the apartment building.  Can you say REDNECK??  The kids can hardly fit out there with the bikes, scooters and barbie jeep . . . not to mention the lovely beach towels hanging out to dry.  If there was a clothes line outside, I might be tempted to hang my undies out to dry too!  Just kidding.

Oh, the joys of summer!  Do you have a REAL recipe for clay?  I am planning to make edible play dough later this week with equal parts honey, peanut butter and dry milk.  Maybe they will like that!


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