Sad Mommy Moment

I just had one of those mommy moments that almost made me cry. I heard Ava Jane yell from the bathroom, “Mom – Pooped!” That is all she says, but it is my cue to come and wipe her little bottom. A job I have done for four years, one month and 26 days. I told Ava Jane that she will have to learn to wipe her own bottom this summer because when she goes back to school in the fall (mother’s day out) she will have to be able to do it herself. She gave me a very puzzled look, followed by a frown, and said, “But mom, I can’t wipe my own bottom. You mean I get no help?” I explained that she would be in a big girl class and you have to wipe your own bottom in there. No help from the teacher. She then gave me one of those little huffy “umphhh” sounds and walked out of the bathroom.

Oh my goodness. I remember this time last year having to teach Addison that same “skill.” And she got it, well, mostly. But it dawned on me that I am sending Addison to kindergarten this year and Ava Jane will follow just right after her. Is this why people have more babies when their oldest starts school? Please don’t hear me say that I am wanting another baby. . . that’s not where I am going with this. . . but I guess I am just finding that letting go of the things that I have done for so long (even the yucky bottom wiping jobs) are something that I think I am going to miss. Independence is great. And I have longed for the day where I am not wiping poopie bottoms everyday. . . but in this case, it just means that my babies are getting too big! Can we freeze time? I think I kinda like the 4 and 5 year old age range.


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