Facebook Friends

Is it weird to not talk to someone for years, but totally know what it going on in their lives?  I saw a girl last week that I have not seen for years (literally) but I hugged her like I had just seen her yesterday.  I commented on how great she looked at Steeplechase and how much I loved her hat.  It felt, well, odd really.  I don’t know everything going on in her life. . . but I catch up on the highlights via facebook.  I guess blogging is the same way. . . you read all about someone, but may never really talk to them or see them.  I like that I am able to connect with people from college and some I even went to middle and high school with.  But nothing beats face to face interaction or even a good phone conversation.

Are you on facebook (do you want to be my friend?) or myspace?  Which do you like better and why?


One Response to “Facebook Friends”

  1. Angela Says:

    I’m on myspace. Are you? I really don’t check it often. I haven’t checked out facebook yet… I doing good to read blogs.

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