Weekend Recap

We had a blast on Friday night. We attended a Surprise 50th Birthday Party for our dear friend, Bev Baskin. I babysat for the Baskin family when I was in high school. They have four children. . . Danielle, Donnie, Andrew and Ashley. I was 15 when I started babysitting for them and the kids were 4,3 and the twins were 6 months. That was many moons ago. Here is a picture of me with three of the four kids (all grown, of course).

We saw lots of friends we haven’t seen in a while. It is always fun to see old friends and catch up on their lives. I used to babysit for lots of the kids that are all grown now. Some other friends, the Kemps, were there with their three boys. Here is a picture of my girls with Tyler, Peyton and Nolan. They are getting ready to adopt a little girl from China. You can read about their little Macy here.

Saturday was a pretty boring day. Running errands, swimming at the pool and dinner at the old standby – Chic-fil-a. We sold our riding mower on Craigslist just two hours after Rick listed it. Hallelujah for that! And Rick and I spent Saturday night watching the MMA (mixed martial arts) fights on TV. It was quite intriguing. My heart would race at times and I was yelling and even throwing a few punches myself!

We had some serious thunderstorms in the middle of the night Saturday/Sunday. The power went out briefly and everyone was wide awake. Gotta love those nights. We still managed to get up early to go to the 8 am service. We taught our 3 year old class today. . . it was a hoot. Several of the boys are really into spider man. They were shooting webs at the two girls in the class (Ava Jane being one of them). All of the sudden Ava Jane yells, “You killed my baby.” Yikes. Enough spiderman and killing in the church building. We moved on to the lesson, but all the boys were still trying to shoot undercover webs at one another. Rick and I looked at each other and just laughed.

After church we enjoyed our regular Sunday lunch of hot dogs. Can you say yummy? Seriously. . . that is all we ever have left to eat by the time Sunday gets here. That is why I usually go to the grocery on Sunday afternoon. So, that was my day. . . church, hot dogs for lunch, short nap, grocery stores (yes – I went to Kroger and Publix), dinner and it’s almost bedtime. Tomorrow is the first day of VBS. I have the very difficult job of snacks for the preschoolers. I need a couple more years before I am ready to take on a class of my own. At this point, my summer days are plenty long with my own children. I need something relatively easy and snacks is just the job for that! This is the first time in three years that we have done VBS. The past two years I have been in South Carolina with the girls visiting my sister, Suzanne. But since she just had baby #5, we thought that 7 kids in the house for a week might be a little too nuts! So, we are here and the kids can’t wait for vacation bible school.

Let the week begin!


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