Memorial Day Weekend Recap

First let me say that I have been trying to write a post for a week and for some crazy reason I have not been able to. . . I mean that the site I write on has been messed up (for me) or maybe it is just my crazy computer.  But here I am FINALLY.  And I have a lot to say.  So, unless you have a few minutes, you may want to skim the surface and come back to read later.

Our weekend was a good one, as weekends usually are.  Friday night we went to eat at Casa Vieja and sat outside on the patio.  It was wonderful.  We saw lots of people that we knew who also thought it would be fun to bring the kids and eat mexican outside on a Friday night.  Except that there was this table beside us with three young adults (early 20s) – two girls and a guy.  One of the girls was using every expletive word she could.  Rick went over and politely asked her to watch her language because our children could hear her.  Of course, our kids didn’t have a clue, but I just LOVE IT when Rick stands up for us like that.  Mmmmm- I just wanted to squeeze him!  We didn’t hear a peep out of her after that.  But you know me, I was ready to snap and yell at her about how rude she was being.  I am glad that my husband has patience and kindness and self-control.  I need a little more of those fruits in my life!  Wouldn’t you think that being home with two preschoolers would help develop those fruits of the spirit. . . patience, kindness and self control??  Clearly, I need to be more filled with the spirit and not live in the flesh. . . but that could be an entire blog post itself.  Anyway. . . after dinner we went to see the house and were happy with the progress.  Most of the wiring inside is done.  They are suppose to do insulation this week and drywall next week and then it is just a matter of 6-7 weeks!  Yippee.  The girls were anxious to get home b/c they had been begging Rick to take them to the pool.  Yes, we had already been to the pool that day, but they wanted to go back with daddy.  So, again, wonderful man that he is, Rick took them to the pool for a night-time swim.

While the family was swimming, I took what was suppose to be a quick trip to Walgreens.  I had a fabulous $5 off $20 coupon and lots of others – walgreens coupons mixed with manufacturers coupons – that would get me several much needed items for very little money.  DO NOT GO TO THE INDIAN LAKE WALGREENS.  I should have known this after several attempts by friends with the Jane makeup did not work out.  But, it was closest, so I went in, got exactly what I needed and headed to check out.  Items rang up. . . $24. . .used the $5 off coupon. . . just fine. . . started ringing other coupons and WHAM-O. . . $5 coupon was voided out.  I ask for the manager. . . he says he can’t override the computer.  Okay, seriously. . . you are the manager – you can make things happen.  I explain that I have done similar transactions and never had a problem.  I tell them I am sorry that I need to cancel the entire deal.  And I walk out VERY FRUSTRATED.  I was kind, but frustrated that in my attempt to save money I have just wasted 30 minutes and am now driving to another store to try to make this work.  Probably a dumb move. . . but whatever. . . I go to another store.  I ask the lady at the front register if she has seen the $5 coupon today.  She says that she has rung it up many times.  I explain all my coupons and want to make sure I can get what I need.  She says no problem.  I get all I need, ring up. . . $28 (I got a couple more things). . . give her all my coupons. . . she looks at me and tells me I am a coupon freak. . . nice. . . I don’t care. . . ring up all coupons. . . total of $11 and change.  Yippee!  I did realize after I paid that I forgot to give her one $.55 coupon. . . but after the “coupon freak” comment I decide it might be best to just forget about trying to get that $.55 back!!  Back home again, exhausted and ready for bed!!!

Saturday morning everyone in our house slept until 7:30.  That is unheard of!  That is called four very tired people.  Rick took the girls to his parents cause he had to get a couple of things done.  I stayed home cleaned and did laundry and organized the massive number of coupons that I had.  Then I went shopping at Kroger, Publix and Aldi.  Whew!  I spent very little money between the three locations.  Always a plus when you are making dishes for three different cookouts.  Saturday afternoon we went to a neighborhood cookout in our new neighborhood.  They have a fabulous pool and the kids had a blast playing with all the other kids.  We met lots of new neighbors, including our next door neighbors who had just moved in.  It was lots of fun and a great way to end the day!  After the kids went to bed, I started cooking for our cookout on Sunday night.

Sunday was church.  It was good.  Guest speaker. . . I kinda thought I was at Zanies Comedy Club instead of church.  He was funny.  A few things were a little “border line church humor” in my book. . . maybe funny if not from the pulpit. . . but it was a good message about religion vs. Christianity.  We came home after church, had lunch and the kids were begging to go to the pool at the apartment.  We applied sunscreen like crazy and walked across the parking lot.  There were lots of people at this tiny pool.  There really are not too many words to describe the experience. . . but I will try to paint a picture for you. . . many kids with floaties on arms in pool. . . females in two piece swimsuits who should NOT BE ALLOWED TO WEAR TWO PIECE SWIMSUITS. . . I don’t mean because of modesty. . . I mean because when you have a belly that hangs, no one want to see it. . . anyway. . . belly bling. . . tattoos EVERYWHERE. . . lots of cigarettes. . . coolers. . . guys lounging in floats with big cups in their hands. . . remember the pool is pretty small. . . more tattoos. . . do you see what I see??  Needless to say, our pool experience on a Sunday afternoon didn’t last too long.

After swimming and naptime (for everyone except mom) we headed to a cookout with some friends.  It was a great night of food, fellowship and fun with some friends we don’t always get to hand out with.  The kids played, played and played some more.  We had to drag them home.  They were filthy dirty but had a blast!

On Monday, Rick went to ride his motorcycle with a group of other guys.  It was a half day trip.  I had to pray numerous times that he would be safe and I would not worry.  With all the tragedies that have surrounded us this past nine months, I don’t want to be the next one.  Thankfully, he had a great morning and arrived back home safe and sound!  His friend, however, wasn’t so lucky.  He “laid down his bike” (aka – wrecked it) and broke his collarbone.  He will be okay, but it was just another reminder to me that motorcycles are dangerous!!!  I took the girls to our neighborhood pool despite the rain and cloudy sky.  We took some friends and were the ONLY ones that showed up!  It was fun even when it started raining.  The kids loved that.  I remember as a kid loving to swim in the rain.  But then we heard thunder and it was over!  Short-lived, but fun while it lasted.  Monday afternoon we went to the in-laws for a fish fry.  It was a good time and LOTS of fried fish!  Unfortunately, it rained most of the afternoon, but it made for a pleasant evening to sit on the covered porch.  I wanted to come home and watch a movie, but I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open.  So, I went to bed about 9:30 and thus ended a fun 3 day weekend for the Lafayette family!  I hope your weekend was a good one too!


3 Responses to “Memorial Day Weekend Recap”

  1. Julie Shaver Says:

    Hey, Amy! I’ve missed your blogs!!!!!
    You should write about your Walgreens experience on the isurfsumner page. That’ll teach them! 🙂

  2. Ashley Says:

    Great recap. Sounds little like our crazy weekend…

  3. couponfor Says:

    I like your style of write, very real.

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