Update on the Weekend

I like to give a weekend recap but I can hardly remember by Monday morning what we did on Friday night. Mental capacities are diminishing – I’m too young for that. Oh well. My brain hurts from thinking so hard, but here was our weekend.

We started by going to eat dinner at Chili’s on Friday night. This is always a favorite place for our kids. We have some free kids meal coupons, so they love it because they don’t have to share and there is lots to choose from on the kids meal. We left Chili’s for under $25 and headed to the Sears Outlet to look for a new washer/dryer. Yikes. They are expensive. Our dryer has been on the blitz for a while now and something made Rick snap the other day and he said we were getting a new one right away – oh I know what it was. . . there was some big streak on his new pants that won’t come out. It has been showing up on a few other pieces of clothing and making me crazy. So, I was in total agreement that the dryer had to go. No luck at Sears so I guess we will spend Saturday on the hunt for the new goods.

Saturday morning started with a phone call that my sister had her baby! Her fifth baby in seven years. Yes, that’s right, her oldest will be 7 in September. She never finds out what she is having so it is always a huge surprise!! It was a GIRL!!! yeah! We were all excited in our house. She has two girls, then two boys and now another sweet baby girl. Her name is Virginia Faith (named after her husband’s mother). They will call her Faith. How precious!

Rick and the girls went and had my car washed and came home and dried it and shined it up all nice for me. Addison helped Rick to vacuum and clean the mirrors and pick up her room that she shares with the messiest child in America, Ava Jane! Addison is such a big helper. Rick went to ride his motorcycle and the girls were spending the late morning/early afternoon with me! We went to Lowe’s to look for a dryer. Of course they tried to sell me the nice Whirlpool Duet Steam frontload washer and dryer. Guess what? I would love that, but I cannot spend $2000 on a washer and dryer people. I am moving into a new house and I would much rather have some furniture or curtains or rugs than spend $2000 on something that will stay hidden in a room that no one will ever enter. I decided while I was at Lowe’s that I would look on Craigslist and see what I could find in the “used” department.

I put a few items in a friend’s garage sale so we headed over to collect our millions and gather up the (hopefully) few items left. Well, so much for the millions – I settled for $29.50. And brought home a basket full of stuff and my printer that I really wanted to sell. Not terrible and I am grateful that they let me bring my junk to add to their junk. I took the girls to Backyard Burgers for lunch. Yuk. I’m not a huge fan. But for some reason they had been begging for a couple of weeks to eat there. I think they just wanted to play on the playground there. So, I spent $9 of my garage sale money on lunch. We then made a quick stop at the grocery to pick up a couple of things before the sale changed on Sunday. Both girls took a nice nap and I continued to pick up around the apartment.

We went to a cookout at my friend Kathy’s house late in the afternoon. It was such a gorgeous afternoon. All the kids played and had a great time. I loved that I got to hang out with some people that I don’t see too often. The food was delicious and the fellowship was fabulous! Kathy’s mother-in-law volunteered to help me with some floral arrangements for my new house!!! Yeah! She is the sweetest, kindest lady. Can’t beat a night like this. We left before the sun went down so we could run by and see what’s been done to our house. Yippee!! They have started bricking. Some of the duct work was in as was some of the plumbing. It is starting to come together. I pray pray pray that they will have us in before August first. I need a week to get my kids adjusted before Addison starts kindergarten. We were thrilled with the progress. Back home for much needed baths and bed!

Sunday was church.  After church we all went to the grocery together – not the best idea. We spent well over our grocery budget for the week. Ooopps! I guess the extra $20 from the garage sale just bought us some groceries. We had a normal Sunday lunch of hot dogs. yum yum yum. The girls had “rest time” today – no one napped. I spent the afternoon at Terry Franklin’s home. She is a wonderful and very Godly lady who is gracious enough to take one Sunday afternoon a month and “invest” in younger wives and mothers. I love the time I spend with her. She has so much to share from her life and what God is teaching her. I just can’t get enough sometimes. She has seven children and is the most humble woman I know. She shared with us from a book called the Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson. I need to get the book and read it. It is full of wisdom for moms like me!

When I got home, Rick and Addison had dinner ready for us. We were having a big ‘ole salad. A family favorite. They had all the veggies cut, meat cooked, eggs boiled and it was all sitting out waiting on me. How wonderful. After dinner we took a little family walk down by the lake. We stopped to look at worms under a log and it was eeewww! We drove back out to the house to see if anyone had come out to work, but they had not. I was glad they weren’t working on Sunday. Addison said it was because they were in church (I hope that was true). We stopped by the redbox to rent a movie. Not much good selection. We came home to a child totally melting down. Nice way to end the weekend. After we dealt with that, we got the kids in bed and sat down for our movie. It was awful. I stopped watching after about 30 minutes and went to bed to watch the country music awards.

We had a good weekend overall. I am thrilled about my new niece. And prayerful that I will find an inexpensive used dryer to last a couple of years. I hope your weekend was good too.

On a different note. . . I am writing this on Monday morning and I have just come home from my 5 am class. Seriously. I don’t think I am going back on Mondays. Last week our instructor didn’t show up and I was so happy. That sounds terrible, I know. But for whatever reason she wasn’t there and we all got 5 FREE classes for showing up with NO class. One of the classmates ended up teaching a very impromptu class – but it was good. Well, today, we get there and no instructor. Then she came right at 5:00. That’s all fine and good. Then she tells us we each need a step and 10 RISERS!!!! Are you kidding me??? You could hear people murmuring under their breath that they were only going to get 6 or 8 and then she started yelling at everyone to get 10 risers and do what she said because if we didn’t have them then we wouldn’t be able to do the class. Whatever. All I can say is that you could have done everything just fine with only 6 risers. So, yes, we had our steps stacked 5 high and everything we did revolved around this. So, needless to say, I was behind, slow, exhausted, embarrassed, etc. About 5:30 I almost just walked out. I wanted to take out a couple of risers and she emphatically stated that if we took them out we would HAVE to put them back because we would need them for something else. I took out two risers, leaving me with four on each side – plenty for a good workout. But that was with only 20 minutes left of the class. Here is my thing, people. If I pay to come to an exercise class I want a good workout. But I also am the only person who knows my body and what I can do and how hard I can push myself. I like a good challenge, but not at the expense of feeling humiliated. It’s just not that worth it to me. I’m not on the Biggest Loser. I don’t need someone yelling at me. And I don’t need someone doing things just to make a point. All I can say is that I am glad that I didn’t throw any of my risers at her (which I really did consider) and I am glad she didn’t hear all the things I was saying in my head during class. I confessed all that and told God I wouldn’t be going back on Mondays. The temptation to be angry and sin is just too great and we are suppose to “flee temptation,” right? I am running far far away from this temptation. Whew! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

I hope this is a fabulous Monday. I have been insanely busy and not had the time to blog. But I have lots to blog about. . . what God is teaching me, budgeting, and more!! So, check back and feel free to comment! I love to know what you are thinking too!!


4 Responses to “Update on the Weekend”

  1. Laura Horton Says:

    I’m thinking that at 5am on Monday morning, I might not have kept those thoughts in my head!! Ha! This lady needs “a-talkin-to”!!

  2. Rachel Says:

    Hey Amy- gotta say I’m glad you hated it as much as I did! Stand by me- we can say bad things together! 🙂

  3. Jessica Says:

    Ya i wasnt a fan either!! She was not a very nice instructor 😦
    BUT you shldve come today 😦
    I missed you!!
    Come friday please!!!!!!!!!!

  4. heather34 Says:

    Holy Cow , Suzanne has 5 kids!?!? Wow!! is Katie married, have kids, I would love to see her, does she come in town often???

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