Weekend Update

My post yesterday gave the low-down of how our Saturday went. . . spending money we didn’t really have.  To top it off, on Saturday night when Rick was hooking up the new printer, he realized that the printer did NOT come with a printer cable.  That seems silly to me.  And it is frustrating b/c the sales guy didn’t even mention that we needed one.  Rick immediately went back to Office Depot (it’s only 5 minutes away) to get the cable and told the manager what happened.  The manager said that no printers are sold with a cable and that the sales guy should have told us we needed one.  Ughhh! 

We had a yummy “mustgo” dinner on Saturday night. . . all the things that must go from the fridge.  I marinated chicken tenders in italian dressing and then grilled them on the grill pan with bbq sauce.  Yum-O!  We also had corn on the cob, baked beans and deviled eggs.  The girls got to eat ice cream for dessert which they loved. 

Sunday we all woke up early so we went to the 8 am service.  They showed a video tribute to moms where they had asked kids of all ages questions about their moms.  Ava Jane appeared and answered the question, what is one thing your mommy has taught you.  She said, “well, she taught me to wash my hands and brush my teeth.”  Whew!  That is safe enough and a good thing for her to know!!  🙂  At least she didn’t say that I am trying to teach her to wipe her own bottom.  hahaha!  We came home for lunch and then we did nothing.  We just lounged around in our “cozies” and all took naps and watched a movie.  We ran by to say Happy Mother’s Day to Rick’s mom and then went to eat dinner at the new Red Robin Restaurant.  Of course I had a coupon. . . so our dinner for four was only $14.95 – unbelievably cheap for that restaurant. 

We took a family trip to Publix for a few things on my list.  The girls went with Rick to the magazine aisle while I shopped.  Apparently they had to go potty so Rick sent them in the ladies room.  The next time I saw them they were running down the aisle toward me.  Addison was shouting, “Mom – I pooped in the potty.”  While Ava Jane shouted even louder, “And mom, she even wiped her own bottom!!”  Wow!  Great news.  Don’t think everyone in Publix wants to hear about it.  But I smiled and congratulated and high-fived Addison – all the while, so thankful that I am the mommy to these two precious little girls. 

I am reminded every year on Mother’s Day of the last Mother’s Day before I was pregnant.  I remember having to leave the church service b/c I was crying so much.  I was so sad that I was not pregnant b/c I wanted to be so badly.  And I had tried for what seemed like forever.  I wanted to be a mommy and couldn’t understand why God didn’t want me to be.  Of course now I know that God just had a different time table for me to be a mommy, and boy am I glad that he is in control and I am not!  But I am mindful of all those ladies who want to be moms and are not yet.  I pray that they will continue to trust God and find peace wherever they are in the process. 

I hope all my mommy friends had a great day.  And Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, too!  I love you mom!



3 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Julie Shaver Says:

    I remember a mothers’ day before I was a mother when I cried in church b/c they were showing a photo montage of all the babies that had been born that year. I should have just left… Anyway, you are right: God did have another plan for us. One of my constant prayers is that I can be happy at my current station in life and trust God’s timing. (You know, when I look back on any time in my life I often wonder why I was so impatient.) Anyway, I appreciate you praying for all those women who want to be mommies so badly, and I second that prayer! Let us all remember them not just today.

  2. montee Says:

    If I had been in Publix and heard your girls, I would have been tickled.

  3. Amy Smithson Says:

    As always, I LOOOVVVEEEE your blog!!! I have to share…My husband, Jon and my son, Jonah(4yrs) were talking on Saturday about Mother’s Day-when it was, what they had gotten me and what they still needed to do, etc. Well, Jonah then asked Jon when “Son’s” Day was!!!??? Jon preceded to tell him that MOST days were “Son’s” Day in our house (2 boys)…Jonah’s reply-“BUT, I don’t get presents EVERY DAY???” WHATEVER!!! My kiddos are soooo spoiled rotten!!!
    I hope you guys have a wonderful week as I attempt to figure out how to change my parenting skills!!!

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