Totally Random Thoughts

Has anyone noticed how unbelievably beautiful it has been with the bright green tree leaves against the stunning blue sky? And don’t you just love the color scheme that God chose for us to enjoy?

Charmin Basic really is a great and inexpensive toilet paper.

Do you find it odd that “Obama” and “Osama” sound eerily alike?????

Everyday at 8:05 am I run to answer the phone, only to realize that it is not my phone ringing, but Handy Manny’s phone ringing!

I keep hearing people say that they don’t like the economic stimulus plan. . . okay. . . so send your check back to the government!

I just noticed this morning how oddly smooth Hilary Clinton’s face seems to be for a 60 year old woman. Anyone noticed this? Can you say FACELIFT?

Once more, why to they make plus size clothes with horizontal stripes? VERTICAL people! VERTICAL STRIPES!

The one great thing about about living in an apartment is that you don’t have to mow the grass.

Eggs are on sale at Kroger this week for 1.19 (regularly 1.99). . . that 1.19 used to be the regular price not too many months ago. We’re eating lots of eggs this week!

We had a new instructor for our 5 am class yesterday. She was great, but I am sore today. No dude, no belly bling and no outfit lady. They have totally disappeared! So sad.

I’m sort of glad it is raining today. I really need to do laundry and clean bathrooms and when it is pretty I have a hard time staying inside!

I have found lots of old friends on facebook – it really is amazing to be able to connect with people you have not talked to in a million years.

That’s all my random thoughts for today. If I think of more I will edit my post and add to it! I just have the most random thoughts sometimes and this is a great outlet to get them all out!


4 Responses to “Totally Random Thoughts”

  1. Julie Shaver Says:

    I LOVE your random thoughts!; keep them coming!

  2. Mandy LeMay Says:

    New computer?
    Your peeps in the class must have been reading your blog- Ha!

  3. Montee Says:

    I agree with you on Obama (Osama) Yo’ Mama. He is just scary anyway. I know we need a confident president but he is just plain arrogant, dangerous if he wins.

    Be aware of older women with really smooth faces:Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Madonna, Bruce Jenner(if you are too young to remember the 1976 Gold Medal winner, Google him and see what I mean)and Joan Rivers are examples.

    Oh, and I definitely won’t be sending my check back.

  4. Steve Robinson Says:

    I so enjoy reading your blogs, Ames. They often make me laugh … and think. You’re a good writer, Honey. Your ole dad sure loves you!

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