A Little Bit of Fear, A Whole Lot of Fun

Today we registered for kindergarten. Here is Addison before we left. She was all smiles!

Our elementary school is brand new and not completed just yet. So we registered at the high school next door. We drove around to the back and saw other moms and little ones walking in. As I turned off the car, I took a deep breath so I didn’t think about what I was doing. Yes, this is such an exciting time. But Addison is my baby and I am getting ready to begin the process of letting her go. Sniff, Sniff, Sniff. I held it together and proceeded to go inside with the girls. Teenagers were coming out of the doors as we approached and I heard one say, “D____! There are lots of little people out here.” Are you serious? Did I just hear cussing as I am bringing in my baby to sign up for school?? Then I saw a pregnant teenage girl. This was almost too much to bear. Fear began creeping into the momma and I was ready to attempt homeschooling! But I realized that we had MANY years until high school and prayerfully my sweet child will know that cussing and sex are NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIORS!!!

On we go to fill out paperwork. Copies of important forms were made and I went to stand in line for our name. I found myself reciting the alphabet to make sure we were standing in the correct line. Our letters were K-Q (where exactly is L in the alphabet??) As we are waiting, Addison leans over and says with a pitiful look on her face, “I don’t want to go to kindergarten.” Oh, no. Fear is creeping in Addison. I tell her that we are not going to kindergarten today and that seemed to suffice.

Then we met the principal, Mrs. Cash. I introduced myself and Addison. She shook Addison’s hand and Addison just sort of gave her a blank stare. Nice. Then Mrs. Cash looked at Ava Jane (who cocked her head to the side and gave a cutsie wave with her hand up by her face). Immediately Mrs. Cash said, “She’s a hand full.” How could she tell in just 2 seconds? It was the wave, the smirky smile and the cocked head. Mrs. Cash has seen that type child too many times in her years as a principal. I informed her that she had a whole other year before Ava Jane came her way. 🙂

We ended the morning at the new Streets of Indian Lake. We ran into a store for a couple of things and then to Barnes and Noble for the kids to enjoy the books. Which they did. As we left, we saw the new fountains in the middle of the nice grassy common area. We also saw our friend Jack, who had been sick earlier in the week. So, we went over to say hello and to look at the fun shooting water from the ground. You can see where this is going. The kids get ever so close to the water as I am telling them repeatedly to stay away from the water. Jack asks to take his shoes off (as do my kids) and then they are all bare-footed. What started as wet toes, led to wet feet, wet shorts, wet shirts and even wet hair. Yes, by the end, all three kids were merrily dancing through the fountains of spraying water laughing and having a great time. The hair-bows saved me from looking like I had a couple of drowned rats for kids. You know my theory. . . hair-bows make EVERYTHING cuter! My friend, Julie, and I were laughing so hysterically both at the kids and at the fact that normally neither of us would ever allow our children to do this. . . but today it somehow was a moment in time that we all enjoyed. The smiles and laughter amidst the sopping wet little bodies was priceless! And I am glad that Julie was there to help me see the humor in it. I actually enjoyed myself. I didn’t stress over my kids not acting like miniature adults, Instead, I enjoyed letting them be kids! What a lot of fun we had.

What’s the last thing you let your kids do and enjoyed just watching them be kids?


9 Responses to “A Little Bit of Fear, A Whole Lot of Fun”

  1. Mandy LeMay Says:

    Cute post! Good job Mom for holding it together. You’ve got a few more months until school actually starts! Whew! I can’t wait to see the fountain. There was one of those where we vacationed last year, and it was some of the funnest times we had running through that! However, we were in beach gear- bathing suits, Don’t see that happenin’ in the middle of the Villages for me. Maybe the boys on a hot, hot day.
    Playing in the dirt I would have to say on enjoying watching them be kids. Both my boys love dirt and digging in it- I never care how dirty they get, because that’s why we have baths. This is if we are at home where we can strip them down before coming in. They are also both fascinated with bugs, butterflies and worms!

  2. Amy B. Says:

    Boston actually did the same thing this past Monday. We went to Barnes and Noble for story time and Red Robbin for lunch. Then…..off to “look” at the fountains. Yep….he was soaked from head to toe. It was so fun to watch him enjoy life!

  3. Laura Says:

    Well, from your country living friend…….we had a friend over a few weeks ago to spend the night. The kids wanted to walk down the gravel path to the creek. I said, “ok….but come right back”. All three of mine (Emma–8, Hannah–4, Will–2) plus the 8-yr. old friend took off, and after 15-20 minutes I said to Aaron, “Go look outside and see if you see them”. We have family all around, and are on private acreage, so they often wander off for a hunt of some sort! He comes in saying, “You aren’t going to believe this, but Emma’s carrying Will up from the creek”. Those crazy kids had basically gone swimming in the creek! We’re talking about 6-8 inches of creek! Not much….but just enough if you use your imagination! I think my Grandad used to call that a “swimmin’ hole”. When Emma got Will back home, we pulled off his boots and poured water out of them. Emma’s defense…..”We had on the boots Mom”.

  4. stephanij Says:

    Last weekend Parker (and friends) found the only mud puddle (more like a mud creek) within 15 miles of our house and decided that it would be fun to take a bath there…He was covered in mud from head to toe. He had to be completely stripped down before we even got into the garage…(you can check out pictures and videos on Christy O’Neals blog…http://theonealhouse.blogspot.com). That is definitely not something that I would normally let him do but it was great to see them having so much fun. I am just glad that he didn’t have his new “N-shoes” on:)

  5. Jennifer Williams Says:

    Oh I cannot believe she will be starting school…I got weepy just putting myself in your shoes! Where does time go? I let Ava play in clay yesterday at the zoo during this toddler class we are taking her to on saturdays. I was proud of myself for really not caring if she got the clay all over her shirt; which she did of course! She had so much fun, and so did Chris and I just watching. Great post!

  6. Julie Carter Says:

    I meant to tell you our follow up….as we left you and went to the car, I stripped Jack completely naked. He was entirely too wet to get in the car. While trying to hide his naked body in the parking lot of the “mall” he turns to me and says”wait mommy, I just need to pee before I get in!!” Of course I scream “Absolutely not!!! You can not pee in the parking lot. If a policeman sees you naked and peeing in public he will come get mommy!” It was a day I will never forget and without a doubt the bright spot in our insane week. I am so glad it was you guys we shared that moment with!!

  7. Amy Lafayette Says:

    Oh, I love hearing all the stories. They are all hilarious and too cute. We are blessed by our little ones. 🙂

  8. Jamie Blackwell Says:

    Amy, I can’t believe Addison is going to Kindergarten! I remember siiting on your couch holding her when she was a few days old. Crazy how time flies.
    Sounds like ya’ll had fun at the fountain. I saw it and had the same idea for the kiddos. Then I thought…did they (the planners) think that through? They probably intended it to be some kind of pretty fountain to “look at” instead it’ll be redneck central for the rest of us as we bribe our kids with being able to play in it when we are done shopping.

  9. tracybrothers Says:

    I have laughed reading your post and all the comments. I laughed out loud at the principal saying, “She’s a hand full.” That will be my Charlie. I don’t have any stories as good as these. You know my Annie hates to get dirty or wet or anything else. Charlie on the other hand…I guess recently it’s just been playing outside in the sandbox while eating popsicles. Charlie just about put all the sand out of the box onto the ground but I figured it’s only $2 a bag. Thanks for the warning about the fountain!

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