Childhood Wonder

I love spring and summer when the kids can be outside.  There is always a sense of wonder and amazement with little ones.  Yesterday Addison successfully made it across the monkey bars!  Whoo-hoo!  That was a huge accomplishment that we have been working on for several weeks.  She was beaming with pride as she came in to tell me all about it.  Today she wanted me to see, so after lunch we headed to the playground where she went all the way down and then back!   She was sooo excited.   And you could see in her a sense of pride for her accomplishment.  I was ready to cry – over the monkey bars.  Well, that, and maybe the fact that we are registering for kindergarten on Friday.  But I’ll have to cover all that on another post.

The second highlight of my day was the snail that Addison found on the patio.  She was all excited and couldn’t wait to show Ava Jane, who was napping.  When Ava finally woke up and was ready to play, she too, was excited about the snail.  While I was cooking dinner she popped in and said, “Mom, can we please keep this as our pet in the apartment?  Pleeeaaasssee.”  I told her that we can’t have snails in the apartment and she looked so sad.  But then I remembered that she got a bug catcher for her birthday.  So I said, “Ava Jane, you can keep the snail for a pet if you keep him in your bug catcher.” Her face lit up!  “Oh, mommy, thank you.  I can’t wait for you to see him.”  She took me outside and introduced me to “Spike.”  She was proud because he had his head sticking out. . . I don’ t  know how that happened . . . poor fella is probably scared to death.  What I love about this is how excited they get over the smallest things.  And how happy I tend to get over the seemingly small things too!  It’s been a long time since I was excited about monkey bars and snails.  But today my heart was joyful as I watched my kids enjoy the things they were meant to enjoy.  I am so thankful that God chose me to be their mom and be part of all these daily happenings!

By the way. . . I did go exercise this morning.  It was hellacious.  That doesn’t count as a cuss word does it?  I don’t want to use expletives on my blog, but seriously people. . . it was a torture session.  And I signed up for it!  Sadly, Susie won’t be with us much longer. . . changing schedules. . . that makes me sad.  Dude wasn’t there, nor was belly bling or outfit lady. . . man, I need someone back to make me smile during this stuff.  Oh, and one time we were doing wall sits and while we were sitting on the wall, we had to do arm stuff to with weights – it was awful.  Well, I was talking about how horrible it was and next thing I know, the teacher is sitting by me on the wall.  Ooopps.  Guess I shouldn’t have been talking so loud.

One last thing. . . Ava Jane just pranced in here with her bug catcher.  Apparently she has changed the snail’s name to “Spots.”  Makes sense huh?  She informed me that she gave him some grass to eat and some rocks for him to sit on.  She says all this as she is shaking around Spots’ house.  I laughed as I realized that Spots was about ready to see his last few minutes of life.  The rocks Ava gave him are large enough to crush him into a million pieces.  Not to mention that she just gave him a bath with soap and water.  Asta La Vista Spots!


4 Responses to “Childhood Wonder”

  1. waters71 Says:

    Aww! I love it too how excited they get over the small stuff. Great post! Where will Addison go to Kindergarten? Avery is at Jack Anderson this year but will be at Station Camp next.

  2. lafrost08 Says:

    I checked out your blog today for the first time. I do not get much internet time because we do not have it at home but your blog will be a must from now on. You must spend lots of time developing your posts. They are very enjoyable. Keep up the good work. Still trying to find you at church and introduce myself. Kudos to you for the early morning workout. I tried to talk to my Hubby about doing that but he wants me to wait til the baby gets a little older (he is afraid he would have to get up with her if I was gone). I admire you for your dedication. I know it has to be hard.
    Laura Frost

  3. The Bargain Shopper Lady Says:

    Thanks for sharing your testimony! Loved it!

  4. Sarah Underhill Says:

    i’m lol at your last paragraph especially! ha! mommyhood is the greatest….

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