Weekend Wrap-up

I like it when people do a recap or wrap up of their weekend.  It just seems fun to see and hear what people do.  So, here is how the Lafayette’s spent the weekend.

Friday night was spent at home eating a yummy crock pot taco casserole (thanks to Amy S for the recipe).  Then we all curled up on the couch to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.  The girls have been begging to watch it for a while.  They belly laughed several times which Rick and I just love to hear.  They think the sound of the chipmunks singing is a riot!  Silly movie, but they thought it was funny.  I took two Tylenol pm’s and was asleep by 9:30.

Saturday we headed out for a little “freebie” action in Hendersonville.  The new Sumner Station fitness center was open and they had a grand opening celebration day.  We went in and took a tour of the magnificent facility.  It is huge and really makes you want to work out.  They have two Pilate’s reformer machines.  Whoa!  You could sign up for a 20 minute free workout with a trainer (just to see if you liked it).  I signed up to come back later in the afternoon – you had to have on workout pants and I had on jeans.

Then on to the YMCA for Healthy Kids Day.  We are not members at the Y, but this was open to the community.  They gave the girls t-shirts and goody bags.  They got to stop at different booths and get a bunch of junk that I will end up selling in a garage sale for 10 cents.  Water bottles, coloring books, etc.  Then we went outside to exercise with the ROTC.  All the kids got to put on these army-looking head wraps and get a little marine paint on their face.  Ava Jane thought this was awesome.  Addison wanted nothing to do with it.  The kids had to do jumping jacks and push ups to the count of the drill sergeant.  I wish I had a video of Ava Jane attempting the exercises.  It was hysterical.

We came home for lunch and naptime.  Rick and the girls all napped while I made a menu for the week, wrote out the grocery list and headed out the door.  I went back to do my pilates demo. . .

Okay, so this isn’t me. . . but try to picture a much fluffier person doing some of that stuff.  I didn’t do anything past what you see at about 2 minutes on the video!  🙂  It was crazy hard.  And she kept telling me to hold in my transverse abdominals.  I was thinking, “Lady. . . my abdominals are so buried on my body that I don’t know if I even have the transverse ones.”  But I can tell you today that I know EXACTLY where they are.  Here is the kicker – if you join Sumner Station, you still have to pay a wad of cash to workout with a trainer on this equipment.  Crazy!  But I know why people do it – great core strength training.

Okay. . . so after my 20 minute workout I did the grocery shopping for the week.  Rick took the kids to his parents and we went out to eat at Bosco’s in Hillsboro Village.  I loved getting out of Hville with Rick and enjoying some grown-up time!  But we brought the kids back home for bed and I couldn’t even stay awake to watch Saturday Night Live.  Pitiful!

Sunday (today) we went to church and taught our three-year old Sunday School class.  Today “Mr. Rick” did a group activity and told the Bible story while I sat back and watched (well, really I laughed).  No one wanted to listen.  They were all in their own little world’s.  The Bible story was from Genesis about God making the land and the plants.  Rick named some plants and then named some fruits and vegetables that grow on the land.  That led to a barrage of stories about “when I ate carrots. . . I love watermelon. . . my dad hates green beans.”  Rick never got control back after that!  Adorable.  Church was good – a good message about the importance of always reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus.  But get this. . .

There is a man sitting in front of me. . . clipping his nails.  Yes, big silver nail clippers. . . then he begins to chew on a callous or something on the side of his finger.  GROSS!  Christy B was sitting beside me and I just looked at her and then I got the shoulder shaking laugh. . . you know. . . where you aren’t making any sounds, but your shoulders are shaking up and down and you think you might bust out at any second.  I regained composure, only to see him a few minutes later, reach down and put his shoes on!  Yes, people, he apparently thought he was in his lazy-boy chair at home watching a sermon on television.  He ties up his shoes and pulls back out the clippers again and goes to town!  For real!  You can’t make this stuff up!

I tried to nap this afternoon, but my girls were having a slumber party in their room, so NO ONE napped today.  I made a yummy soup for dinner (great on this insanely chilly night in April) and then we did a “family clean up” which led to me yelling at everyone that I do all the work (which is totally NOT true) and then Rick calmly reminded me that our girls were right there and that they had, in fact, been helping to clean.  I apologized, felt terrible, and then finished doing the same things I do a fifty times a week.  Loading the dishwasher, folding laundry, picking up the same stuff off the floor and wiping down the sinks.  Whew!  So, that brings me to my computer to check in with cyber-world.  I plan to exercise in the morning. . . hopefully there will be something GREAT to blog about.  Especially after reading about my not-so-exciting weekend.  But I enjoyed it all!  I love hanging out with my husband and girls, especially when we don’t have anything we HAVE to do.  Hope you all have a great week!


9 Responses to “Weekend Wrap-up”

  1. carriehayes Says:

    i loved this Amy! laughed so hard at about the toe-clipper! i want to try that pilates machine! and i love weekend-wrap up!! thanks for sharing!!

  2. Ashley Says:

    I loved reading what you did. I wish I had known about that Y thing…well, not really. We couldn’t have gone anyway. Oh well…crazy toe clippers, what are they thinking???

  3. Mandy LeMay Says:

    Great fun weekend- love the recap! Okay, I was so totally hoping you weren’t going to say that man clipped his toenails too. Oh my- where were yal sitting? If only Bro. David would have seen it- he would have called him on it, ha, ha. I am sure he has seen everything though- I am just picturing this in my head, and I am laughing and shaking my head!!!
    Yo GO GIRL on making your list and menu for the week. Ginger Plowman did a number on us didn’t she? I did better about resting today, but still didn’t do so hot! There is just too much to do with little ones, and MOPS cookbooks… 🙂
    And don’t worry on the cleaning thing, I feel the same way many times a week, but it is nice to get everyone involved- I have now hired Levi to help me clean dishes when I am baking. I still have to go back and wash them, but he is learning and helping. And I loved the Sunday School lesson talk- Levi never goes in to too much detail- so I enjoyed that! Have a great week girl- see ya soon!

  4. Danielle Carpenter Says:

    So I find out I am not the only one who does work on Sun! Don’t you wish we could have a day off. I sure do! I sure wish we would have known about all the free events this weekend. That sounded like fun and I am all about free!!!

  5. Christy Butler Says:

    People, she is NOT kidding about the guy with the nail clippers. It was hillarious! He was in one of the front sections, too!

    Amy, you crack me up. I don’t know how many times I have yelled at my kids that I do all the work. That is such a Mom moment!

  6. Amy Lafayette Says:

    Let me just clarify. . . he was clipping his fingernails. But had his shoes off. If he had been clipping his toe nails I would have thrown up!!

  7. tracybro Says:

    I can picture your shoulder shaking laugh. I’m so glad I wasn’t there because I don’t know if I could have been quiet. Was the man old or young? Was anyone with him. I mean, that is unbelievable.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    Wow!!! Nail clipping?
    By the way, you sound like the kind of girl I’d like to exercise with. It sounds like we would have similar thoughts, 🙂 I applaud your devotion and consistency.

  9. Laura Says:

    I knew it!! Sitting in the back of the service does have it’s benefits!

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