Update on Exercising: I have been to exercise both on Monday and Wednesday this week. But nothing really hit me that I needed to write about. Outfit lady was there on Monday with yellow on. She was a ray of sunshine. Yellow tights, socks, tshirt and shorts. Today it was all black. She won’t be here next week cause she is taking a trip. . . I’ll miss her. She always makes me smile and she is THE sweetest lady. Belly bling was not there on Monday and came today as we were leaving. Don’t know what that is about. . . Other than that, I just worked out hard and then came home and ate like nobody’s business. I told my hubby that I was starting Weight Watchers again next week. Did I say that a couple of months ago??

Okay. . . how much sugar can you eat in a day? I started this morning with a piece of delicious strawberry birthday cake (my Ava Jane turned four today – Happy Birthday Ava Jane!). Then I went to MOPS and fixed a small plate all from the dessert table. The entire table was chocolate stuff except for some baklava. Everyone who made food must have been on their period cause it was ALL chocolate and delicious. When everyone was finishing up eating I perused by the outside food tables to find a big bowl of salad that had just arrived. So, I got a plate and scooped out some nice green lettuce with cucumbers and red peppers and a dash of cheese. Added a touch of ranch and then managed to “wash down” my chocolate treats with a little salad ruffage! Good stuff. And that is what I have had to eat today. I need some protein in a serious way! But the sugary stuff was delicious.

Why does Lane Bryant sell so many shirts that have horizontal stripes?

I am proud of the Lady Vols for being the Women’s National Champions in basketball. Go Vols!

Ginger Plowman rocks! She spoke at our MOPS meeting today and I ordered her new book, “No More Whining.” Can’t wait to read it AND apply it to my kids!

I love my mom. She came in town for Ava Jane’s birthday. She was only here for 24 hours but it was sooo great to see her and hug her and talk to her in person. And my girls love their Mimi. She makes them feel so special. Me too!

I have been to Bath and Body works 4 different times to get a free bottle of body creme with a $1 purchase of a gift box thanks to this coupon. My husband went once for me, but refused to take my children in with a coupon. He is just about over my new “coupon addiction”!

That’s all for today.


4 Responses to “Random-ness”

  1. Ashley Smith Says:

    This is why I love your blog. Keep writing! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Says:

    LOL at the horizontal stripes!!!!
    Thanks, I forgot about that coupon.

  3. Angela Says:

    good to hear you are hanging in there with your exercise program. I’m on the weight watchers kick myself. so far i’m down 8 pounds. of course, after the dessert table at mops today i’ve used all my points for the day and probably tommorrows too! loved the guest speaker today… i bought the whole table, well almost. can’t agree with you on the vols…i wish pat summit would retire.
    what can i say, i’m a loyal dawg fan.

  4. christink Says:

    Thanks for sharing your testimony at Tea and Testimony…the Lord REALLY spoke through you! AWESOME! Also – I mystery shop, too…I remember you writing that somewhere…ha! i love it!

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