What a RUSH!

What gives you an adrenaline rush?? Some people get a rush from crazy sports – like my husband!  Some do illegal things to get a rush.  But me – I like to save money to get an adrenaline rush.  Okay, seriously, yesterday hubby dropped me off at Kroger while he and the girls returned a movie.  I had spent some time on Thursday night going through coupons and getting out every coupon that I had to go along with the deals at Kroger this week.  Then I wrote out four different transactions and exactly how many of what I would buy.  And now was my time to make it happen.  All was going well until I ran into Jennifer (with a FULL buggy) who informed me that there was NO more Excedrin.  I had coupons that would give me overage. . . rats!  Now I had to re-formulate my transactions. . . too much work in the middle of the store.  But I managed to make it work.  Just as I was getting done, Jennifer came to find me and tell me that she had just found a whole bin of Excedrin as she was leaving.  So, I re-evaluated and picked up a few more items to make the deals all work.  I had to checkout in two different transactions to make it work, but it did.  Whoo-hoo!  My husband was outside waiting for me and I almost burst out screaming.   I said, “This has to be better than being high on drugs.”  (which I have never been before!)   I mean, people, my heart was racing. . . head swimming. . . and I probably had hives.  It was the BEST feeling to know that I had just saved 81% on my groceries.  (That is what my receipt told me.)  I told hubby I wanted to take a picture of it all.  He laughed and volunteered to take the picture with me in it. . .kinda like when you kill a prize deer or something.  But I just wanted the groceries.  Here it is!

I got all these groceries at Kroger for only $18.36.  That means that I paid a mere $.46 for each item.  That is just unheard of!!  I had a coupon for nearly every item I purchased.  Here is what I got:

3 bags of goldfish crackers

2 French’s mustards

2 boxes of Lean Pockets

6 boxes of Aunt Jemima breakfast items (pancakes, french toast, griddlecakes)

1 bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing

6 boxes of Betty Crocker brownies

2 packages of Dibs ice cream bites

1 Pillsbury pizza crust

2 Grands biscuits (5 count)

7 Pillsbury crescent rolls (4 count)

1 Pillsbury cinnamon roll (5 count)

5 tubes of Excedrin (10 count)

1 Shout stain remover

1 bottle Windex cleaner

Now, what do I plan to do with all of this??  The breakfast food will be eaten by my hubby and kids – they love that stuff.  The brownies I will be making on Fridays to take to the workers who are building our house.  The crescent rolls are part of a recipe that I make as part of meals I take to mommies with new babies.  The pizza crust we used last night for none other than – pizza.  Hubby made cinnamon rolls this morning!  So sweet!  Lean pockets are great for easy lunch.  Goldfish are for the kiddos.  Dibs are for me!  Well, maybe I will share some!  I’m going to let the kids have a mustard fight and squirt it at each other outside and then I will use the Shout to get the stains out!  HAHAHA!!  Just kidding – but sounds fun.  Windex – well, self explanatory.  And I will be taking the excedrin to get rid of all the headaches I give myself from trying to work out amazing deals with coupons and sales all to save a buck or two!!


One Response to “What a RUSH!”

  1. The Bargain Shopper Lady Says:

    That’s awesome! Kroger has great deals!
    Don’t forget to link back to Frugal Friday! Thanks!

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