It’s Wednesday. I Exercised.

Oh yes. I actually went to class today. Unlike Monday. . . where I slept in. I was so tired from my week of doing nothing on spring break that I needed the rest! Yea, right! Anyway. Today did not fail me. . . it was a tough workout. . . but even better were the visuals! Here we go. . .

1) Belly Bling was in the house! I mean the gym! FOR REAL people. This is what got me today – the shirt was shorter than it should have been, but the pants were pulled up to her waist. I mean, the waistband practically covered her whole bellybutton. So, you only got to see the belly bling when she ran and her shirt rose up a little and oooopps – a flash of bling. But my point is that normally people with their belly buttons pierced wear the way low cut pants or at least the gym shorts with the waistband rolled down once or something. It just didn’t look right. Round tummy. Pants up to waist if not beyond. Shirt is too short. POW – sparkly belly bling!

2) Outfit lady didn’t let me down. Today was sort of a coral-y, red, hot pink – all suppose to be the same color, but wasn’t kind of look. Yes – tights, socks, shorts, shirt AND sports bra too. Bring it, sister! Always makes me smile!

3) Dude was back. His wife was upstairs on the track (and was spotted blowing him a kiss) while he joined us for class. He stuck with us the entire time today. You go, man!

4) Here is a conversation overheard during class.

lady one: “I have got to do something about these arms.”

lady two: “Diet. Diet. Diet.”

lady one: “I meant that I needed a tan.”

YIKES! Nothing like the stinging words that you really didn’t want to hear!!! Too funny.

5) We started class with sit-ups. Yes. Good old fashioned sit-ups. I hate them. The worst part is that we had to have a partner. We had to face each other and put our feet together and then push off each others feet when coming up. I don’t like ANY partner exercises b/c my partner is always better and faster than me. And today it was my friend that was my partner. I was afraid that all the straining from doing the sit-up would make me toot. Not what you want to do, especially to a friend. But I think I made it without any gas issues! HOWEVER. . . today I had on a purple/lavender t-shirt and grey shorts. So, I sort of looked like a marshmallow peep. Especially when doing the sit-ups. You see, when I make it to the top, there is this big boob roll, followed by a belly roll – so I get to the top of the push up and look like a peep who has been smooshed! Do you get the picture?? If you still have any peeps left from Easter, go and get one. Now, hold it in your hand and then smoosh it and then look at it. . . that was me today! Adorable, I know! And when you let go of the peep, it takes it a second or two to un-smoosh – again, me on the down-side of the sit-ups. The good news is that other people were going faster than we were (because of me) and so I didn’t have to do the complete number of sit-ups. I like to cheat whenever possible!

6) We had to run suicides. Now, come on. I did not play ANY sports in high school and this was a good reason why I didn’t! We had to go to half court and back, full court and back THREE times. And we did this at THREE separate times this morning. I know why they call them suicides – you want to slit your wrists. Or at least I did. And since I am not a runner, I feel like there is this little midget man running beside me (thanks, Kelly) jabbing me in the side the ENTIRE time I run. It stinks.

7) Other than the exercise, class was great. Let me give a shout out to Susie (who I hope comes to read this). She is the great exercise instructor that actually keeps me going.  Love you Susie. We all do!!! She is the one I mentioned in a previous post that I had to exercise with one day.  🙂
I hope you have a great Wednesday. The worst part of my day is over, so it will be GREAT!!!


7 Responses to “It’s Wednesday. I Exercised.”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Ok, Amy, this is my first post but seriously!!! I am laughing out loud! This is too hilarious. You pretty much summed up the hour perfectly. Now I have something to keep me entertained during class, looking for “items” in your blog!

  2. Sarah Underhill Says:

    Susie used to go to our church – did you know that?? Her husband’s grandfather is the one that got us coming – long funny story. I love that family AND Susie.

    As much as I’ve bad mouthed your 5 am class, it sounds so good. When I’m sleeping through the night (aka Nolan sleeping through the night), I might attempt to come do it. I actually love being challenged that way (suicides, etc.) As for now, I’m going to try and go to a couple of the 5 pm classes – I think only on Mon and Tues though. I got there about 5:!5 last night (and ran outside), but I peeked at the class and it looked good.

  3. Anna Says:

    You absolutely crack me up! I have to know where in the world you take these crack of the dawn classes!!!

  4. Amy Lafayette Says:

    The classes are at First Baptist Hendersonville. They have an incredible Family Ministry Center.

  5. Paula Brown Says:

    Ha! This was fantastic. It almost makes me want to go to the gym so I have more blog material. Almost. I still hate the gym. Oh, and I will never again look at Peeps the same way.

  6. schellfamily Says:

    Ok, I have picked myself up off the floor now and my kids think I have lost my mind in here laughing as though I am at Zainey’s or was it LHBC (ha, inside!) Anyway, you totally crack me up and never fail me with the great excercise post! I’m going to have to come check things out for myself!

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Got here from Carrie’s site. You are a riot!! I’ve been laughing out loud this whole time. By the way, I am interested in MOPS for next time. Let me know what I need to do.
    Jennifer White

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