My Favorite TV Show EVER

Little House on the Prairie

There has never been a TV show as great as Little House. I love every episode and have seen them all a million times. My girls love it too. We have seasons one and three on DVD and they love them. I still can’t watch when Mary goes blind. I cry and cry. . . and I know what is coming AND everything that will happen to her in her life as a blind woman. I have to turn the channel when I know it is time for her to scream out for Pa. Gut wrenching!!! I turned on the TV this afternoon and went to the Hallmark Channel to see what episode was on today (click here to see the schedule for this month). . . Christmas on Plum Creek. One of my very favorites. . . everyone works and sacrifices for someone else to have a gift. Pa got Laura a saddle for Bunny (her horse). Laura traded Bunny to buy Ma a new stove. Mary made a new shirt for Pa and Ma had made him one too, but she hid hers under the tree skirt when he opened his gift from Mary. And Carrie spent her penny to buy a star for the top of the tree so the wise men could see to find Baby Jesus. I just love it! Here are some other reasons I love this show:

1) Ma respects Pa and Pa loves Ma well.

2) The children are, well, children, but they honor, respect and obey their parents.

3) Everyone works hard and they don’t seem to complain much.

4) Ma trusts Pa and he is the leader of the home. . . You can almost see Ma bite her tongue sometimes because she thinks before she speaks.

5) Miss Beatle is the BEST teacher in the world!

6) Mr. Edwards song, “Ole Dan Tucker was a fine old man. Washed his face in a frying pan. Combed his hair with a wagon wheel. Stuck a toothpick in his heel. Get out the way for ole Dan Tucker. It’s too late to get his supper. Supper’s over and dinner’s cookin’, ole Dan Tucker just stands there lookin!”

7) The banks of Plum Creek are absolutely beautiful and I would have loved to have been a kid then and been able to play outside and walk everywhere and fish in the creek and enjoy life on the Ingall’s farm.

8 ) Nellie grates on my nerves and so does Mrs. Oleson. . . but I love them on the show.

9) Wouldn’t you love to have Doc Baker, Mr. Hansen and Reverend Alden as your friends?

10) Everyone in the town pitches in when someone needs help and they work together as a community should.

There are a hundred other things I could say about the show. Do you like Little House on the Prairie? What is your favorite episode?


6 Responses to “My Favorite TV Show EVER”

  1. montee Says:

    I love Little House! My daughter has all of the books and I read them to her every night before bed. I think my favorite episode is, The Lord Is My Shepard. Ma has a baby boy that dies and Laura thinks it is her fault. She heads into the mountains to get closer to God. She meets a “Mountain Man” who makes a cross fror her. Pa has to search for Laura and of course finds her. I think this show was during the first season and it was a special 2 hour episode. My roommates and I used to watch Little House in college. Pa would always make us cry.

  2. Christy Butler Says:

    You are hillarious! I love reading your blog.

    My Dad used to be this tough, strict guy who had a temper. At least that’s how I remember him growing up. Now he’s in his early 60’s. A few years ago, I asked him what his favorite show was. Without missing a beat he said, “Little House on the Prairie”. Hi TiVo’s it and watches it every night. It cracks me up to think of him piled up in his evening chair watching little Laura and Pa every night. I think it has turned him into a softy!


  3. carriehayes Says:

    i love it too! my name being Carrie, my sister is Laura, and my brother is Jonathan…we were Little House fans!!!

  4. tracybrothers Says:

    I loved the episodes with Albert. Especially when the girl he loves turns up pregnant. That episode scared me so much but Albert was such a picture of loyalty and grace. Your blog brought a little tear to my eye. I’m glad you are writing more often. I love to read your stuff!

  5. Amy B. Says:

    I love this show too! I grew up watching every episode! It’s one of those shows that brings a sense of calm and comfort to me. I can’t think of a favorite….I love them all!!!

  6. Hope Chism Says:

    Ok, I’m so glad someone else loves Little House like I do. I have been so embarrassed to admit my love because someone always makes fun of me for it. I am a big Michael Landon fan. This show just has so much heart and EVERY episode makes me cry and is so good. I loved Albert and had a huge crush on him growing up. I loved the one called “Town Party, Country Party” with the little girl named Olga who was handicapped with a short leg. Pa made a special shoe for her so her legs could be “even” and she could run and play with the kids. I always cry when she surprises the kids and her dad with her new “leg” at the party. The one where the womens daughter drowns and she thinks Laura is her daughter and she locks her up in the basement and makes her wear her deceased daughter’s stuff is creepy but a good one. I have always loved the Christmas one too. Makes you wish things could go back to simpler times before internet, video games, cell phones…when people just sat around and shared stories. They had so much more time for each other…

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