Wouldn’t You Know It??

This is great. We are on Spring Break this week which means we have no plans and absolutely nothing to do. So today we all stayed in our pj’s until about 1:30 this afternoon. The girls in this apartment were all lazy jane’s today! We kept the TV on all morning (which I NEVER do). I washed, dried and folded oodles of laundry, cleaned out the pantry with the help of the girls and had several around the apartment Easter egg hunts! I finally showered and got everyone dressed around 2:00 so we could run an errand to Staples for my hubby. We made a quick stop to Lifeway and then to Target. Both girls received $5 for Easter and they are just like their daddy and want to spend it the second they get it. They each found something within their limit and I picked up the four things on my list.

We were darting out of the store and I saw someone out of the corner of my eye that looked like my aunt Kathy and someone else. I immediately thought it was my cousin, Katy, but she lives in NYC and so I quickly dismissed the notion. Without really thinking about it, I swooshed the girls out the door and back in the entrance and yelled, “Kathy.” She turned and yes, it was her AND my cousin, Katy. Now I see people all the time at Target and the grocery that I know. . . and I usually always look like a schlumpadinka. Today was no exception. . . I did have on makeup and my hair had a cute “windblown” look going on. . . but I pulled out the ‘ol brown velour sweat suit one last time since it was chilly outside today. My kids had on clothes that they had practically outgrown AND if you can believe it, they DID NOT have bows in their hair. I ALWAYS put in a big bow b/c you can be dressed like a rag-a-muffin and still look cute if you have in a hairbow. But not today. Now why, you may ask, does any of this matter at all?? Well, my cousin Katy is a stylist in NYC. . . yes, a stylist to the stars, people!! Check out her website and see the portfolio of clients!! I mean, seriously. She looked very New York Cityish. . . she is tall with perfect posture and she was dressed like, well, no one around here. Very stylish and hip and classy. We all hugged and chatted for a quick second. I didn’t really know what to say to Katy. . . so I came up with something real original, “How’s New York City?” What a moron. I mean, did I sound like the stay-at-home mom, can’t dress my kids or myself, don’t know what style is or means, kinda gal that I am???

It’s not that I can’t communicate with my family. . . but Katy is my 2nd or 3rd cousin and we usually only see each other at family events. . . at which times I am usually dressed up a little more than today and my children look much more presentable. Anyway, I was laughing outloud as we walked back out of the store. Katy was making a quick run into Target since they don’t have one in the city and she told me that she wanted to go into Kohl’s to see the Vera Wang line of clothing. I just smiled. I have never really look at that stuff at Kohl’s cause it’s usually STILL out of my price range. ๐Ÿ™‚ But she is a stylist!! I just wonder if when she walked away she said to her mom, “Wow! Amy really looks like a mom now and she sure could use my help. If only I could get my hands on her and her mom wardrobe!!” HaHaHa!!!! Bring it on cuz! I’d love some help in the style department!ย  How about you?ย  What’s your style?ย  How do you even know what style to have??


4 Responses to “Wouldn’t You Know It??”

  1. tracybro Says:

    You crack me up! Okay, so Addison and Ava Jane are shlumpadinka’s in training? But wait, is it abnormal to stay in pj’s past noon because we do that EVERY DAY! Maybe we need to start SA (Shlumpadinka’s Anonymous) I love how Sarah Underhill calls it shalumpafrumpadink. Don’t even talk to me about TV. The really shocking part was that you folded laundry! Ha! ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, you got style and you got class girl. And bows are soooo out in NYC. Right?

  2. Laura Says:

    I’m way too practical. I figure why spend money on something that causes me more work! I hate laundry! So my style has to fit my philosophy. Easy care!! That makes me a Target girl! When I buy myself something, it has to be on sale or I feel WAY cheated! I’m not a name brand junkie either. The fit is much more important than the tag. Confession……I have 2 drawers full of pjs, workout clothes, and knock around stuff! The comfortable sides of me!

  3. Danielle Carpenter Says:

    Oh my goodness! You are too funny! I love “Bring it on, cuz.” I feel exactrly the same way you do! I feel I had a lot more style before kids, or maybe I didn’t, I just thought I did. Anyway, like I always say, Wait til you have kids and you’ll know where I am coming from. She obviously does not have any of her own. I am with Tracy on the PJs. We usaully have ours on all day. Isn’t that why we signed up for the stay-at-home mom job?

  4. Julie Shaver Says:

    Staying in pjs all day is why I signed up for the stay-at-home mom job. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Used to, when Scott came home and we were still in our jammies he would say “did you have a jammie day today?” Now it is such a regular occurance that if we’re actually dressed he says “where did y’all go today?” Pretty bad, huh?!

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