Easter Outfits

We did something totally different for our family on Easter this year.  We went to the Saturday night service instead of Sunday morning.  It was very hard for me to do. . . but it was the same service as Sunday and it was phenomenal!  Because of this, I didn’t dress the girls up, or myself either.  Again, hard to do, but it really shouldn’t be about what we are wearing on Easter morning anyway.  So, on Sunday morning, we stayed home in our pj’s until Rick decided he wanted to get out of the house.  We decided to run by his parents to let the girls get their Easter goodies from the grandparents.  Rick told them to get dressed and this is what they looked like.


Addison in her cozy pajama shirt and courdory skirt and hair brushed by her.


Ava Jane in a sleeveless strawberry shortcake shirt, brown and pink polka dot bloomers (which Rick made her change out of and put on pants) and a brown velour jacket with hair not brushed at all.

It was a great and very restful Easter for a change.  We enjoyed egg hunts yesterday and church last night.  I decided to give them Easter baskets in the middle of the day today.  I’m not real big on the Easter Bunny thing and it really annoys me that my kids asked earlier in the week if they were getting presents for Easter.  That just about ruined it for them.   But I went ahead with the baskets. . .  I announced, “Get the baskets you got from Pops and Nonni last weekend and empty them out and stay in the livingroom until I get back.”  Real surprising huh??  Then I proceeded to fill eggs that I kept from last year with some candy I purchased after Valentine’s Day for 25 cents per bag.  Yum-yum!  When I brought them in the livingroom they were all excited.  They wanted to close their eyes and be surprised.  So, with eyes closed I asked, “What is the real reason we celebrate Easter?” and sweet Addison answered (with eyes closed), “Jesus died on the cross and rose again.”  Okay, just wanted to be sure we understood that part for sure.  “And what is just the fun silly pretend part of Easter?”  And Ava Jane answered, “The Easter Bunny!!”  You would have thought it was Christmas for Ava Jane.  She squealed with each discovery of candy.  Addison wasn’t overjoyed.  Just happy I let her eat one piece of it.

So, that was Easter Day for us.  Not very eventful.  But actually not having anything to do gave me much more time to think about what Jesus did for us.  Especially after the powerful message we heard last night.  We deserve hell.  But Jesus paid the debt in full.  Hallelujah!


5 Responses to “Easter Outfits”

  1. carriehayes Says:

    they look so cute! we did the same. we actually bought something cute for Hayden a few weeks ago. well, we decided to try it on him yesterday…it was too big and it felt funny getting him dressed up and not ourselves…we went to the Sat. night service as well. we took some photos and then put back on some normal clothes. maybe he will be able to where it for a wedding or something this summer. yes, today has been a great day! thank you Lord Jesus!

  2. tracybro Says:

    We had a hilarious Easter here at my mom’s so I just blogged about it this morning. We went to a sunrise service on the beach and it was wonderful. Miss you all and love the pictures of the Easter outfits. I forgot to bring my cord here for my camera so our pics are trapped inside for the time being.

  3. Julie Shaver Says:

    We decided that since the whole family would be going to church to celebrate Easter it would be a good time to officially join the church (First Methodist). Everything was going well–Owen and Finn were both in good moods. Owen grabbed the book The Very Grouchy Ladybug on the way out the door, and I thought “ok, maybe that will occupy him during the sermon.” What was I thinking? The child does not know how to read silently. I thought everything was going to be ok as he sat still in the pew just holding his book. Then it was time to bow our heads and pray… My child picked that exact time to open his book and proceed to read aloud in his imitation of a deep voice: “Hey, you… You wanna fight?!” All I could do was laugh! There was no attempting to take the book from him at that point, so I just thanked God that few people other than Scott and I can understand Owen yet. 🙂 I might add that it was all downhill from there, but I won’t bore you with the details. However, we did join the church. 🙂

  4. Amy Lafayette Says:

    Oh Julie!!! I am thrilled that you all joined the church. What a great day to do so! And I laughed out loud hoping for more details about Owen. I can only imagine!!! Glad you were able to laugh too. . . even if the laughter just came today!!!

  5. Heather Says:

    Wow, I have not seen Ava Jane in so long, her hair is so dark!!! So glad you had a great Easter! The girls look so cute! My poor kids, I made them get dressed up again on Sunday for more pics at my mom’s house and even for another egg hunt! ha ha, however Emma didn’t want to take her dress off b/c it “twirls”!

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