Observations from Exercising

Okay. . . I have to write today about some things I have observed and thought through from my early morning class. . .

1.  For all you 18 year old girls who are getting your belly button pierced – you will gain weight one day. . . maybe when you have a baby. . . maybe when your hormones change and you get older, but you will gain a little weight.  And as cute as you think your belly button ring looks now, it WILL NOT look cute when you have a pudgy tummy.  Now, I know some people think that it is sexy to be big and pregnant with a belly button ring – whatever. . . I personally think that people that WANT their pregnant bellies to show while pregnant just look like they couldn’t afford maternity clothes that fit.  And then they have this bling that pops out of the center of all that.   I digress.  Anyway. . . I saw a lady today who is a little fluffy.  She had a nice rounded belly (can you use the word nice when you are kindly saying someone was overweight), but I SWEAR that I saw a belly button ring when her shirt (which was too short to start) moved up.  And she was probably about 38-40ish.  PLEASE!!!!  For the love of all that is good. . . who wants to see a belly button ring on a heavy person?????

2.  I love people with flair and pizzazz!  The sweet lady with the leotards was all decked out in turquoise today.  Turquoise tights. . . turquoise and white striped shorts (like Richard Simmons has), a turquoise shirt and EVEN a turquoise bra (I could see the strap)!!  On Monday (St. Patty’s Day), she had on black pantyhose with green shamrocks all over them. . . green socks over that. . . green St. Patty’s Day shirt and shamrock earrings.  I just love it when she walks in.  There is nothing boring about her.  She is so sweet and I just love that she is secure enough to wear all that.  She always makes me smile!!!!

3.  In honor of Easter, we had to “HOP” during half of our class. . . We used the step benches in this order. . . two high, three high, four high, three high, two high. . . they were good and spaced out and we had to JUMP up and down, run a lap in the gym, do some crazy running exercise through a ladder-like thingy and then REPEAT!!!  Okay. . . so I heard a slapping sound a few times. . . you know. . . well, you probably don’t know. . . but some of you can relate. . . all your jiggly parts slap around and the bigger the jump, the bigger it all slaps!!  YIKES! 

4.  People who are overweight and exercising SHOULD NOT be required to carry around hand weights while they exercise.  Occassionally we have to walk or jog with weights. . . today it was walking lunges and squats with two 8 lb weights.  Okay. . . think about it. . . I am already carrying around about 50 extra pounds that YOU are not.  So, it is automatically more difficult for one like myself to lung and get up, squat and get up, etc.  I DON’T need the extra weights!!!  It’s like a double whammy!!!  Now, obviously we use weights for arms, etc.  And I know that sometimes we are suppose to be using the weights when we walk for arms, but WHATEVER!!  If anyone wonders why I am slower than you, it’s probably because I am carrying around extra weight that you are not!  Enough about this.

5.  People who whine about having to exercise should be kicked out of the class!  Oh, wait!  That would be me!  I just whine for fun.  It lightens the mood for everyone.  Today I almost made up my own cuss words.  Kinda like this commercial.

Hope you have a FANTASIC Wednesday!!!


9 Responses to “Observations from Exercising”

  1. waters71 Says:

    I love reading your blog, Amy! You make me laugh out loud! 🙂

  2. Karen Says:

    🙂 I am so insecure about gym classes. Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  3. tracybro Says:

    You totally crack me up! I love that commercial. I think I’m going to start using “stinky mcstinkface”.

  4. Amy B. Says:

    I love the turquoise outfit lady. So fun! I made Denver get rid of a turquoise suit (pleated pants and all) that he had kept from high school. He tried to convince me that it would someday be back in style………don’t think so. =0)

  5. Mandy LeMay Says:


  6. schellfamily Says:

    Another hilarious excersice blog entry! You are one day going to be famouse over these entries!

  7. carriehayes Says:

    that was great, Amy! you have a true gift! i will be sending people your way who need a good laugh…and that would be everyone!!! this is too funny!

  8. Stephani Juillerat Says:

    Hilarious!!! Thanks for the afternoon laugh!

  9. angel Says:

    that commercial is hilarious! i am so glad i found you amy!

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