Listening to God

Wow!  I was just sitting in my bedroom putting on makeup and the tv was on the 700 Club.  First, let me say that normally I am ready to “go” by 8:30 a.m. (and it is 11:00). Second, my TV is never on in my room unless it is early in the morning when I am getting ready or late in the day when I am folding laundry.  Okay. . . I was curling my eyelashes and thinking. . . and it hit me that I needed to pray.  I put down the lash curler and mascara, turned off the TV and got down on my face on the carpet (something I have done several times through the encouragement of Beth Moore through the Bible Study I am doing).  I began to talk to God and confess my attitude about some things and MY PRIDE.  Don’t know where all that came from. . . well, actually, it came from God, but I even hit my hand on the ground as I confessed that DARN PRIDE. . . I just hate that sin!!!!  And I said the words (rather reluctantly), “Please help me die to self.”  Then I wasn’t sure what else I needed to pray for so I wrapped it up and got back up, turned the TV back on and continued my mascara application.  As the 700 Club came back on from a commercial, the guest being interviewed talked about this being a year of change and how for her the biggest battle she faced was with herself and her PRIDE!  Ouch! Did I hear that correctly?  And the host said, “We must die to self.  And do so, daily!”  Okay. . . seriously. . . God, did I just hear all that?  Did you just prompt me to pray and confess and actually ask you to help me die to self?  And then confirm all that I had JUST PRAYED. . . and also show me that soooo many of us struggle with the very issue of PRIDE and DYING TO SELF???  Wow!  I was in tears. . . just to see how very personal God is!  And how when we listen to God. . . He really does speak to us.  I believe that had I not actually obeyed God when I felt like I needed to stop and pray, that what I heard on the TV would just have been blah, blah, blah. . . but God had a word for me and He prepared my heart to hear it by prompting me to pray in the middle of my eyelash curling!  Oh, how sweet He is!!  I just pray that you, too, can experience Him in this way!  That is what He desires for each of us.  TO KNOW HIM!!!  Thank you, Jesus, for drawing me close and squeezing me tight.  That is how I feel right now. . . like God is giving me a huge hug and telling me just how very much He loves me.  Anyone want to share what happens when you listen to God and obey?


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