I Love How God Provides

I just love how God provides.  We haven’t been out to eat in a while. . . funds have been a little low, and since we don’t do credit cards, we can’t just go out whenever and find the money later.  We either have it or we don’t.  Well, tonight we decided to go to Uncle Bud’s Catfish (after someone was talking about it at church today).  We were going to pay for it from the last of the grocery money and then use the rest to buy groceries for the week.  We went with some friends and had four adults and 5 kids.  KIDS EAT FREE. . . so we had that going for us.  The prices aren’t too bad, but I still ordered water to drink and Rick had Dr. Pepper.  We all ordered our drinks and it took a while to get them.  We then ordered our food.  And waited, and waited, and waited.  The table that came in after us got their entire order (for six adults) and when we asked, the waitress told us it would be another 5-10 minutes.  My hubbie was over it!  And we were all tired of the kids telling us how hungry they were.  Rick kindly walked over to the manager and explained our situation.  The manager came back out and apologized.  Apparently the young waitress had forgotten to enter our order and had just put it in.  He apologized and said, “Your meal tonight is on me!”  Yippee.  Did I hear that correctly?  I felt bad for the girl. . . she was young, the restaurant is new, and she is probably just learning everything.  Nonetheless, we did not have to pay for our meal.  Now, that is a blessing.  Our visit there was a little longer than we would have preferred, but it allowed us a good time to talk with friends, a lesson in patience and a FREE dinner.  We left a tip and walked out with full tummies and smiles.  Anyone want to share a neat way that God has provided for you?


4 Responses to “I Love How God Provides”

  1. melanieseaver Says:

    Amy, I thought about you tonight while we were on a date night! Things are tight for us right now, so we hardly do anything without a coupon. The last time we ate out on a date night was with a gift card. Anyway, tonight we both ate for $8 at Backyard Burger and then used a BOGO coupon at Baskin Robbins. Our date was so cheap, but so fun! It’s always nice to get away for a couple of hours and be together without the kids. Oh, and we had some friends (w/o kids of their own) offer to watch ours–it was a blessing!

  2. Laura Says:

    It’s awesome that you recognize God’s work in these things. I might have just left mad and not seen the blessing in it all. And kuddos for tipping anyway! That’s the true definition of blessing….something undeserved!

    And yes, I finally got you listed on my blogroll! Sorry it’s taken so long.

  3. Christin Says:

    Summer 2004: We had just joined staff with Campus Crusade and it was going to be a few weeks before we even began getting paychecks. Oh — we had a baby and less than $1,000 to our name and that had to last us for several weeks. Jason went to the store to get diapers and on the way there he noticed a lady on a bike that looked as though she had everything she owned in the basket. He really felt lead to give her the last $20 of cash he had on him. I was freakin’ out, and definitely didn’t have as giving of a heart as he did. The next DAY – seriously the NEXT day – we got a check in the mail for $600. Needless to say, the Lord blew us away with His awesome provision!

  4. Mandy LeMay Says:

    I see God in so many little things and I love that you see it too. What a great story, but better yet, you gave credit where credit was due! Thanks for sharing this!
    Okay here’s my day… This is soooooo silly…but I really did see it as a little God thing-maybe coincidence, but I choose to think God. Anyway, I last minutely decided to try my hand at putting some consignment things into the only sale that is left in Hendersonville for the weekend. Crazy I know seeing as today was the deadline to register AND turn my 100+ items in that still needed tagging, sorting and ironing. I just couldn’t get my act together to do the encores sale- but had so much I needed to clean out. SOOOO, I get my things together, register, use the computer entry consignment manager (AWESOME), tag, iron, sort, clean toys then deliver for a 6PM appt. I scrounged around my house all day looking for safety pins because I misplaced my container of them from the last sale-I was looking through drawers, pockets, taking them off old consignment stuff, etc. I couldn’t go anywhere because we have had a broken down vehicle this weekend and day… Well, get this- I had JUST enough safety pins to pin everything on my clothes just from looking everywhere I could possibly think of We’re talking 100+!!!. I couldn’t believe it! I got everything done by 5:30 (including a shower for myself) and my kids didn’t go hungry one bit today. They did however succeed at pulling all the toys out and trashing the place, but hey I got it all done and got some stuff cleaned out! : ) Anyway, I think it was my God Ah-Ha moment that I had enough pins and I was thankful that He provided! This is so silly, but I like to see Him in EVERYTHING!!! : ) Even the pins.

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