the snow is NOT all that!

We are SNOW excited!

The girls were “snow” excited to go out and play in the snow.  But there just wasn’t that much of it.  We were a little disappointed.  The wind was brutal.  And we froze.  So, after 20 minutes we headed back in for hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls.  The Barbie Jeep worked okay because Addison drove it mostly on the snowy sidewalk.  The redneck sleds (aka plastic tablecloths) didn’t work out so well.  I just laughed and laughed and the girls just ended up rolling down the hill a repeated number of times.  They thought it was all great.  But Ava Jane said, “I thought the snow was going to come up to our legs.”  Wrong, sister.  It didn’t even reach much past our toes.  Nonetheless. . . we were grateful for the few minutes of fun we had.  Do you like the sun to shine when it is snowy?  Not me. . . I like it to be cloudy so we at least think we might get some more snow.  🙂 What did you get to do in the snow today?


3 Responses to “the snow is NOT all that!”

  1. tracybro Says:

    I was soooooo disappointed. I was up at 2:00am (putting Charlie back in her bed) and 4:00am and checked outside both times and it just looked the same. I’m bummed. It’s so weird. Jeff’s mom lives near the fairgrounds and she has 6 inches in her front yard. We can totally see the grass. I’m not sure we even got as much as last time. It’s just not melting as fast. We still went out and made snow angels, had hot chocolate, and made blueberry muffins. Last night we had our chili, tonight will be frozen pizza. I’m glad to have Jeff home instead of at the concussion conference downtown but it’s certainly not all they made it out to be. Not in our neighborhood anyway. Let’s move on to spring shall we?

  2. Amy Smithson Says:

    Well, we have attempted to make the best of it…fortunately, we have a slight hill to drive down to our driveway and have been able to enjoy sledding down, ATLEAST the boys have-ha!! We actually had to “beg” our kiddos to come in b/c Jon and I were freezing our “pitoots”(?) off. I didn’t dress too warmly, thinking my kiddos wouldn’t last 15 mins….
    Oh yeah, before I forget, do you think it’s REDNECK if you see your husband spraying “pam” cooking spray on the bottom of our sled to go down the driveway????????? Funny thing is, it actually worked…I’ve got it on video-ha!!
    My kiddos are ready to go out again….is it naptime yet???

  3. Mandy LeMay Says:

    Okay, redneck tip # 8- tie up the inner-tubes to the lawn tractor and ride around because you don’t have a 4-wheeler. Oh my, this is a new favorite in our family and it’s perfect for the kids because it isn’t too fast, but you still get the sliding around feeling! It was a lot of fun and Josh rode Levi plus two neighbors around until the gas ran out. I didn’t quite get enough riding time because I had to tend to little Luke, but he lasted longer than I thought. I tried building a snowman, but it was sooooo powdery it just wouldn’t stick together that well. Snow is snow, and I love it regardless of the inches I guess. I was too hoping for more! I love to hear Levi squeal with glee as he sees it for the first time, and just the excitement on his face. Josh and Levi are still out in the ‘slush’ with some friends while Lukey is already down for a nap. I’m about to go get me a bowl of chili! Levi already had a bowl of snow cream too. mmmmm.

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