Rednecks in the Snow

You might be a redneck if. . .

  • You suggest putting yellow latex gloves over your kid’s shoes (cutting the finger tips off, of course) so that their feet don’t get soaking wet when playing in the snow
  • You go to Walmart and buy four plastic tablecloths to use as “sleds”
  • You buy the last remaining pair of kids boots and soak them in water resistant spray so that your kids can play in the snow and NOT get frostbite
  • You charge up the Barbie Jeep so the girls can “get rowdy” in the snow
  • You do donuts in the parking lot of your apartment complex
  • You stock up on all kinds of junk food cause you might be “stuck” inside for more than 12 hours!

We are really excited that it is suppose to snow here all night. We just went to Walmart in the sleet and it is gonna be good! I’ll try to post some pics tomorrow. What do you plan to do in the snow??


5 Responses to “Rednecks in the Snow”

  1. cobblefamily Says:

    wow! You are so much more prepared than we were 🙂 The latex gloves are cracking me up! When we heard crying outside this morning, we realized David was standing outside barefoot in the snow and didn’t know why it was hurting!!

  2. Ashley Smith Says:

    We plan on making snow ice cream and pulling the sled behind the Barbie Jeep. Glad you mentioned it…better go plug in the battery!

  3. tracybro Says:

    I laughed out loud at charging up the Barbie Jeep so the girls can “get rowdy”.

  4. Mandy LeMay Says:

    -Okay, let me just tell you- there isn’t enough tred for the tires to go in the snow on the kid cars. Ha, ha. Levi tried this out with his gator and scoop a couple weeks ago, and the snow built up on the wheels that it wouldn’t go anymore. Maybe we could break out some chains to redneck it for the ride?
    -We already have a bowl outside for our fresh snow cream, last I checked it was half full already!
    -We will be blowing up our inner-tubes *redneck tip #7, and going for some major rides somewhere. We went to twelve stones when we had that big snow a few years ago, and it was awesome fun!
    -A crock pot of chili will be started in the morning, as well as some rice krispie treats I am sure. And don’t forget the hot chocolate with whip cream!
    -Okay, water resistant spray? Never heard of it, but hilarious!
    You win for rednecks in the snow. Funny stuff!

  5. saundra Says:

    We always used to put bread bags over our shoes when I was little. We must have secured them on our legs with rubber bands or something. I can’t remember that part.

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